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Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Melody Jordan - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released July 2020

With Behind The Scenes

Fun Fact: This movie was shot in 2012 at Doctor Tampa’s short-lived attempt at a larger studio that wasn’t in his house.

Cheer-leader Melody Jordan has come to get her college entrance physical today. Doctor Tampa’s step-daughter Jewel wanders into the exam room as Melody waits for the doctor. Melody is confused when she realizes Jewel is not actually a nurse.

When she finds out Jewel is the doctor’s daughter, she's even more confused by her presence. Doctor Tampa calls from down the hallway, looking for his step-daughter. Walking into the exam room, he finds Jewel already with the patient. 

Melody wants to know if Jewel will be staying for her examination. Doctor Tampa explains it's “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”, and if Melody feels uncomfortable, she can reschedule her appointment.

Melody decides to proceed because she doesn’t have much time left to complete her school's required physical. Little does she realize the eye full Doctor Tampa’s stepdaughter will be getting today as she shadows her stepdaddy! 

Step into the exam room and watch as the doctor examines cheer-leader Melody Jordan as his step-daughter watches!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Melody Jordan, Nurse Jewel Kitten

Posted: Mon, 13 July 2020  Views: 2860

Series: Take Your Daughter To Work Day