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Nova Maverick's Yearly Physical: Covid Checkup - Part 2 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

Nova Maverick is here for her physical after contracting COVID! 

Watch Doctor Tampa as he examines her fully and thoroughly while in her third trimester. Nova Maverick will also be required to provide a tinkle specimen and undergo a pelvic exam.

This movie is a custom-written and directed movie by Dr. Jean! Thank you from our clinic’s entire staff to our anonymous director for choosing our clinic to fulfill your personal medical fetish movie fantasy!

Director Notes:

Patient Wardrobe: Fully dressed initially with bra, underwear, footwear

Doctor Wardrobe: What color scrubs? Lab coat? Blue

 Set: Which exam room? Small exam room with blue automatic table? Or big exam room with surgical table and green exam table? I assumed big exam room from what I read. Yes big is fine

Exam should be humiliating and patient should be visually humiliated as doctor conducts entire exam.  Doctor and pregnant patient walk in exam room.Doctor goes over patients history while she says shes there for a full exam. Doctor says because of covid he needs first to check her temperature and orders her to bend on the table while standing and lift her skirt for an anal temp check. Then doctor takes the thermometer, pulls her panty to her knee and take the anal temperature. Then doctor takes an anal swab. After she is asked to lift her panty, put her dress down and sit ib exam table.. (Is this taking place on green exam table?) yes fine.

Doctor then decides to take a swab of each ear, in the mouth and two nostrils. Then she is informed that further checks need to take place and she should remove her dress but keep panty on. Doctor will examine her breasts and belly. (while sitting up or laying back?) laying back

Then she is asked to remove her panty and provide a tinkle specimen. Then she is asked to go on the gyn chair for further examination (I assume you mean black surgical table?) yes fine

Doctor then put her in place and examine outside her vagina/clit with fingers and then explore further inside with fingers and do a recto/vaginal exam. Then doctor proceeds with an ultrasound and at the end decides to insert a butt plug and end the exam. The patient puts a sanitary napkin on her panties before dressing as the doctor watches her. (legs restrained in stirrups?) Yes fine

Thank you for the video. Looking really great! Really nice to see her face expression while receiving the swabs as she looks a bit uncomfortable which makes it nice. Also the way she grabs the chair while receiving the finger in her ass also makes this scene special. The scenes where she is bending and her ass exposed also look interesting as she has a nice body. The usual scenes while lying on the chair, spreading the legs and just accepting your inspection and exam always make your video special and exciting. Thanks!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nova Maverick

Posted: Wed, 24 August 2022  Views: 3087

Series: Yearly Physicals

Nova Maverick

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Nova Maverick

Nova Maverick's Yearly Physical: Covid Checkup - Part 2 of 2

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nova Maverick
Posted: Wed, 24 Aug 2022
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