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Physicals Are For The Little People - Carmen Valentina - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released July 2020

Now With Behind The Scenes

Carmen Valentina is a beautiful and powerful businesswoman. She had been let go by her employer at the start of the recession. Carmen has been out of work for a while. She doesn't want to settle for work that's "below" her. BUTT Carmen Valentina finally found a company hiring for a VP executive, which was right up her alley! She could be bossy, bitchy, and dress sexy all day, every day! Plus, she would be paid handsomely! 

Carmen Valentina went in for her interview and aced it, so the HR department told her to go to the company doctor for her physical. Pending her background check, she would have the job! Carmen was excited to hear that she more than likely got the job but dreaded going to the doctor and getting a physical. She asked if she could see her doctor, but she had to see the company doctor like all other employees. 

As much as she wanted the job, she didn't want to see a random doctor. The HR person said the doctor had available appointments for that day, so she needed to see him immediately! This unexpected appointment interfered with her plans for the afternoon. Still, not wanting to stay unemployed, Carmen reluctantly makes her way to see the company doctor. Still in her clothes from the interview, Carmen is led into the exam room to wait for the doctor.

After a few minutes, the frustration sets in. Carmen is in the exam room, waiting for what seems like forever! She's texting, waiting, and getting more pissed off with every moment the doctor keeps her from leaving. 

Finally, what seems like hours later, the doctor comes in and greets Carmen. She is less than thrilled and is very short and rude to the doctor. Doctor Tampa tries to review her health information as Carmen insists he hurries this up. He tells her to change into the gown and have a seat. 

Carmen Valentina stands there, looks at him, and asks if he will leave while she changes. She also asks if a nurse can accompany the doctor during her exam. The doctor tells her that's not a problem and that while Carmen changes into the gown, he will find a nurse. 

Carmen Valentina strips down in silence and puts on the gown, but before she can finish, Doctor Tampa returns. Carmen quickly snaps and asks that he leave, as she has not finished changing yet! He apologizes and bows out, knowing that no nurse is available, and he is about to push her buttons without any chaperon!

Doctor Tampa returns and asks Carmen Valentina if she is ready. He informs Carmen that the only nurse on staff that day is already with a patient and that if she cared to have a chaperon, she would have to wait even longer! Carmen stumbles over her words in disbelief, but all that comes out is, "That's fine." She just wants to get it over and done with, so she can get on with her day! 

Carmen makes it known she wants the doctor to be as quick as possible. She has other things in her busy life that need her attention over waiting around at a doctor's office all day! Doctor Tampa has Carmen sign paperwork that says she is okay with not having a female present, so Doctor Tampa gets started on Carmen's physical!

The first thing Doctor Tampa does is to have Carmen Valentina sit in the chair so he can take her B. pressure. While the machine is reading her B. pressure, he again tries to review Carmen's health history, but she insists she's perfectly healthy. Carmen looks less than amused as Doctor Tampa takes his time in questioning her.

Doctor Tampa performs an eye exam after her B. pressure has been read. Carmen reads off the lines correctly! "Very Good," says the doctor before instructing Carmen to get onto the scale. Before she gets onto the scale, the doctor stops Carmen. "You must disrobe before we take your weight," he tells her. 

Carmen is in disbelief and questions why she must be completely naked just for her weight! Doctor Tampa tells her that the corporation is particular in what they want, which means precise readings during a thorough physical. They don't want ANYTHING to interfere with her health assessment! 

What Doctor Tampa is basically saying is, "You think you are some hotshot exec? Do you think you call the shots? I call the shots here! Now do what I say, or I'll tell them you don't pass, and you won't get the job!"

Doctor Tampa tells her that she needs to lead by example if she wants to be VP. She must undergo her examination the same way all of her employees get their physicals done. Little does she know that most other employees undergo a more basic physical! 

Carmen informs the doctor she shouldn't be doing this, that "This is for the people below me, those are the ones who have to do this!" Carmen, Carmen, Carmen...that's why the doctor's treating you so special! You are in need of an attitude adjustment!

Doctor Tampa informs Carmen Valentina that it's okay if she doesn't want to comply and can just start looking for another job. Carmen reluctantly obliges and angrily rips her gown off before throwing her gown and leggings in anger. Doctor Tampa takes Carmen Valentina's height and weight entirely in the nude. He doesn't let her put her clothing back on afterward. 

Doctor Tampa enjoys embarrassing Carmen Valentina by keeping her entirely in the nude as he continues with her examination. He uses his stethoscope to listen to her heart and lungs before having Carmen get onto the exam table, still nude! 

Carmen is less than impressed and very unhappy over the situation. She sits with a stern look on her face, but it's hard to be intimidating while being totally naked! Doctor Tampa checks over her face, eyes, ears, and mouth before he gets Carmen's temperature. He tells her that she is in good health, and Carmen responds with a sarcastic "Thank You" and a pissed-off look on her face.

Doctor Tampa asks Carmen if she does a monthly breasts exam as he grabs her arm and lifts it up over her head, groping her breasts thoroughly. Carmen is less than amused and very embarrassed by this doctor's treatment! 

Doctor Tampa squeezes her nipples, checking for discharge, and Carmen sternly asks, "Are we almost done?" Not by a long shot, Carmen! Doctor Tampa checks Carmen's lymph nodes and thyroid glands before having Carmen lay back as he performs an abdominal examination.

As Carmen Valentina lays utterly nude on the exam table, Doctor Tampa prepares a few things. He then instructs Carmen to put her feet into the stirrups and spread her legs wide! Once the doctor has Carmen spread wide, he finishes preparing the instruments. He takes his time snapping on a pair of gloves, ensuring each finger is snapped into place! 

Carmen looks on, dreading and guessing what the doctor will do with those gloved hands! Carmen wants to know how much longer it will take and if this is the last thing she has to do! Doctor Tampa tells her she's in the final stretch and excuses himself from the exam room for a moment.

Carmen lies on the table, naked, reflecting on her decision to come to the doctor today. Doctor Tampa returns and sits down between Carmen's legs, announcing that he will take her temperature. Carmen instantly protests, saying her temperature has already been taken! 

Butt Doctor Tampa informs her that her employers want a thorough physical and that he only took her temperature from her ears. After taking Carmen's temperature vaginally, Doctor Tampa dons a fresh pair of gloves. Hearing the latex snapping, Carmen sternly asks, "Now what are you doing?" 

Doctor Tampa sternly tells her that he is putting on a fresh pair of gloves to continue the internal examination. He tells Carmen Valentina that there is no need for her attitude, and things would go much more smoothly if she had a more positive attitude! Carmen wants to know what there is to be positive about.

Doctor Tampa tells her that if she wants her job, she needs to let him do his job! Doctor Tampa announces he is starting with an external examination of her genitalia. Once he completes it, he swabs her outer labia before announcing he will conduct the internal examination. 

Doctor Tampa explains what he is going to do, step by step. Saying she will feel slight pressure, he jams his fingers into this new executive's vagina, saying she will feel slight pressure. Carmen doesn't know what to do, so she lays there and takes it, figuring the quieter, the quicker! 

But the doctor is snapping on another pair of gloves! "WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO NOW?" is all she can think! Doctor Tampa has a glove rip while trying to put it on and takes his time getting a new glove on, all while Carmen uses her arms to try to cover herself up!

Doctor Tampa tells Carmen, "Let's get this over with. I know you're a busy woman and have places to go and other people to see, and that I'm not your favorite person in the world at this point." She asks is this the last test, and the doctor tells her, "We're almost there." 

Doctor Tampa uses a medium Graves speculum to open Carmen's vagina wide to perform a pap smear and take samples. Doctor Tampa says everything looks excellent inside and that she looks nice and pink with a healthy cervix. He pulls the speculum out without taking a swab on purpose.

The doctor does this to further waste her time and embarrass Carmen again with the speculum! Carmen is less than amused! She tells him he needs to get this over and done with as soon as possible! Doctor Tampa informs her that he must get it done quickly, too, as he has other patients to serve! But secretly, he is taking his sweet time! He knows she is very embarrassed by everything and frustrated at the lack of a quick pace!

After Doctor Tampa pulls the speculum out for a second time and takes his gloves off, Carmen asks, are they finally done? NOPE! Doctor Tampa dons another pair of gloves and has Carmen flip over to assume a doggy-style position on the exam table. He tells her it's all part of the exam and apologies for the uncomfortable position. However, the position he has Carmen in has nothing to do with her physical examination! 

Doctor Tampa is just further seeking to embarrass this overpaid bitch! While Carmen is in the doggy position, Doctor Tampa opens her up and explores her vagina's depths with his probing fingers! This part of the doctor's exam has no medical purpose. The doctor just wants to rummage his fingers around the inside of Carmen while she's in such an embarrassing and vulnerable position!

Doctor Tampa then tells Carmen he is going to conduct a bimanual exam before lubricating his fingers. He sticks one in her vagina and the other in her anus to feel the tissues separating them! After probing her holes simultaneously, Doctor Tampa says, "Alright, Ms. Exec, everything feels good. You can put your clothes back on." In disbelief of what just transpired, Carmen asks, "Am I done, FINALLY?"

"Yes," Doctor Tampa says before congratulating Carmen Valentina on her new position as he walks out, leaving her to dress. As soon as he walks out, Carmen breathes a sigh of relief and is happy her examination is over! She jumps up to put her clothing back on, saying she's never returning to this doctor's office again!

Little does she know; each employee must come back for their yearly physical! It doesn't matter if you the VP, CEO, or the cleaning crew Carmen! They ALL must come to Doctor Tampa's office for their physicals! See you next year, Carmen!

Model: Carmen Valentina, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Fri, 1 May 2020  Views: 4189

Series: Physicals Are For The Little People

Physicals Are For The Little People - Carmen Valentina - Part 1 of 1

Physicals Are For The Little People - Carmen Valentina - Part 1 of 1

Model: Carmen Valentina, Doctor Tampa
Posted: Fri, 1 May 2020
Length: 36:50   Views: 37,706