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Playing Around With The Ultrasound - Nova Maverick - Part 1 of 2

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With Behind The Scenes

Doctor Tampa has acquired a new ultrasound machine for his clinic! But before they use it on patients, he needs to understand the specifics of how this new ultrasound machine works. Thankfully on staff at his clinic is a very pregnant Nova Maverick!

 After all the patients have left for the day, Doctor Tampa takes nurse Nova Maverick and nurse Stacy Shepherd to the exam room so they can play around with the ultrasound machine.

 Nurse Nova Maverick gets onto the surgical table, pulling her scrubs up to her chest exposing her very pregnant belly. As Doctor Tampa and Nurse Stacy Shepard try to figure the new device out, Nurse Nova Maverick helps them having been through a number of ultrasounds with her doctor. She quickly shows Doctor Tampa and Nurse Shepherd how to best use the ultrasound machine!

The three of them stare at the screen in amazement watching the device work! Sometimes it really pays to have a pregnant nurse on staff, especially when that pregnant nurse is as awesome as nurse Nova Maverick is!

In fact, Doctor Tampa has already forgiven Nurse Maverick for sneaking into his office to use the ultrasound machine without his permission. Little do the nurses know that the entire exam room is wired with hidden cameras! The day before they caught Nurse Maverick sneaking into the exam room, finding where Doctor Tampa hid the brand new ultra-secret ultrasound machine before taking it upon herself to demo it!

Thankfully Nurse Nova Maverick didn’t mind demoing it once again with Doctor Tampa and Nurse Stacy Shepard present. Now the entire office staff is “Playing Around With The Ultrasound!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Nova Maverick, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Mon, 23 May 2022  Views: 1048

Series: Playing Around With The Ultrasound