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Physicals Are For The Little People! - Ditria Rose - Part 3 of 4

These are Dirtia Rose’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Ditria Rose is a beautiful and powerful businesswoman. She had been let go by her employer at the start of the recession. Ditria has been out of work for a while. She doesn't want to settle for work that's "below" her. BUTT Ditria finally found a fashion company hiring for a VP executive, which was right up her alley! She could be bossy, bitchy, and dress sexy all day, every day! Plus, she would be paid handsomely! 

Ditria Rose went in for her interview and aced it, so the HR department told her to go to the company doctor for her physical. Pending her background check, she would have the job! Ditria was excited to hear that she more than likely got the job but dreaded going to the doctor and getting a physical. She asked if she could see her doctor, but she had to see the company doctor like all other employees. 

As much as she wanted the job, she didn't want to see a random doctor. The HR person said the doctor had available appointments for that day, so she needed to see him immediately! This unexpected appointment interfered with her plans for the afternoon. Still, not wanting to stay unemployed, Ditria reluctantly makes her way to see the company doctor. Still in her clothes from the interview, Ditria is led into the exam room to wait for the doctor.

After a few minutes, the frustration sets in. Ditria is in the exam room, waiting for what seems like forever! She's texting, waiting, and getting more pissed off with every moment the doctor keeps her from leaving. 

Finally, what seems like hours later, Doctor Tampa and Doctor Aria Nicole come in and greet a very upset Ditria. She is less than thrilled and is very short and rude to the doctors. Doctor Tampa tries to review her health information as Ditria insists he hurries this up. The ironic part is her arguing is delaying the examination!

Ditria makes it known she wants the doctor to be as quick as possible. She has other things in her busy life that need her attention over waiting around at a doctor's office all day! But Doctor Tampa and Doctor Aria Nicole, without saying anything to each other, already know they are going to stretch this exam out as long as possible to see what kind of a reaction they can get out of this very bitchy businesswoman!

The first thing Doctor Tampa does is to have Ditria Rose sit in the chair so he can take her b pressure. While the machine is reading her B. pressure, he again tries to review Ditria's health history, but she insists she's perfectly healthy. Ditria looks less than amused as Doctor Tampa takes his time in questioning her.

Doctor Tampa performs an eye exam after her B. pressure has been read. Ditria reads off the lines correctly! "Very Good," says the doctor before instructing Ditria to get onto the scale. Before she gets onto the scale, the doctor stops Ditria. "You must disrobe before we take your weight," he tells her. 

Ditria is in disbelief and questions why she must be completely naked just for her weight! Doctor Tampa tells her that the corporation is particular in what they want, which means precise readings during a thorough physical. They don't want ANYTHING to interfere with her health assessment! 

What Doctor Tampa is basically saying is, "You think you are some hotshot exec? Do you think you call the shots? I call the shots here! Now do what I say, or I'll tell them you don't pass, and you won't get the job!"

Doctor Tampa tells her that she needs to lead by example if she wants to be VP. She must undergo her examination the same way all of her employees get their physicals done. Little does she know that most other employees undergo a more basic physical!

A lesson can be learned from all watching Ditria’s examination. The way you treat people is often the way you are treated. So if you want to be treated with respect, you should treat others with that same respect. When you are the type to wield your power everywhere you go, you never know who is going to be able to wield more power right back over you!

Model: Ditria Rose, Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Mon, 25 December 2023  Views: 1861

Series: Physicals Are For The Little People