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The Procedure - Nurse Jewel & Nurse Stacy Shepard - Part 1 of 2

This movie is filmed from the patient’s POV (Point Of View)

These are Jewel’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

You have arrived for your procedure and are waiting on the surgical table. Doctor Tampa, Nurse Jewel, and Nurse Stacy Shepard enter the room to give you a little pep talk. Nurse Jewel asks you additional questions while Doctor Tampa and Nurse Stacy scrub in!

After the entire medical team finishes donning their surgical attire, they all glove in with surgical and latex gloves before giving you a pre-procedure examination.

With your checkup complete, a cart with all of the surgical instruments is rolled in front of you so the team can inform you about the instruments used during your procedure. The medical staff and their instruments are incredibly intimidating! You are so scared you don’t say a word!

Doctor Tampa attempts to ease your anxiety as you make sense of what he just explained to you as the nurses begin getting the anesthesia equipment ready. Nurse Stacy Shepard reaches over you and begins to anesthetize you. The nurse puts the gas mask to your face, telling you to count backward from 100. You start to go into twilight before going completely under. But you can still hear the medical team as they open the sterile packet of instruments to begin your procedure!

Eventually, you come to as Nurse Stacy Shepard and Nurse Jewel come into the surgical suite to bring you back to the world. They reassure you that “The Procedure” went well before telling you to rest while they conduct a post-procedure examination.

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Jewel, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Wed, 22 June 2022  Views: 2021

Series: The Procedure

The Procedure - Nurse Jewel & Nurse Stacy Shepard - Part 2 of 2

The Procedure - Nurse Jewel & Nurse Stacy Shepard - Part 2 of 2

Model: Nurse Jewel, Nurse Stacy Shepard
Posted: Fri, 24 Jun 2022
Length: 22:54   Views: 14,815