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Which Nurse Goes 1st? - Aria Nicole, Channy Crossfire, Genesis - Part 4 of 4

Which Nurse Goes 1st? Aria Nicole, Channy Crossfire, Genesis - Part 4 of 4

With Behind The Scenes and Cervical Camera

These are Genesis’ 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast! 

Doctor Tampa has decided to hire more gloves hands to help with the increase in patients since COVID. All employees of Doctor Tampa must undergo a physical exam prior to their first day on the floor treating patients. 

Lucky for them, all staff gets free physicals at his office as part of their benefits package! They have no idea Doctor Tampa is a kinky pervert that loves to put patients on their backs with their legs in the stirrups before he “examines” and plays with their bodies. He also hires only beautiful nurses to keep at his side.

What's the good doctors' excuse for the group exam? In order to keep up with the patient load, Doctor Tampa needs to be efficient and must give all three of his new hires their physicals at the same time! Plus, he says he wants to see their bedside manner as each nurse takes their turn being a patient and a nurse assisting Doctor Tampa…
Three girls and just one doctor to open them all up for their new employee physical…so “Which Nurse Goes 1st?”

Watch on hidden cameras as Doctor Tampa’s new staff undergoes their first physical with their new employer. Oh yeah, the dirty doctor likes to record all of his patient's humiliation on spy cameras so he can watch it back and masturbate to it long after the patients have gone home!  

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Aria Nicole, Nurse Channy Crossfire, Nurse Genesis

Posted: Mon, 28 November 2022  Views: 1291

Series: Which Nurse Goes 1st?