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Which Gloves Fit Best? - Nurse Jewel & Nurse Stacy Shepard - Part 1 of 1

With Behind The Scenes

These are Jewel’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast!

Nurse Stacy Shepard and Nurse Jewel have been approached by OSHA and the infectious disease department in regards to gloves. They have recently purchased gloves of different brands and need some nurses to test them out.

Nurse Stacy Shepard and Nurse Jewel are tasked with recording their experiences and trying on these different gloves. They are to report their findings so that their director and resident physician Doctor Tampa can review and purchase the gloves they deem the best for their needs.

They’re extremely excited. Particularly Nurse Stacy Shepard as she has a bit of a fetish for gloves. She loves the way they slap and make noises as she puts them on! Nurse Jewel is starting to find herself uniquely attracted to them too. These are their findings…

Model: Nurse Jewel, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Wed, 18 May 2022  Views: 1163

Series: Glove Snapping