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for supporting my kinky clinic and using my streaming websites correctly! New Staff Members can stream 1 video at a time and download any photo set. New Staff Members cannot download videos or stream multiple videos simultaneously.

Become a Loyal Staff Members if you want to download videos.

Browser Enhancement Tools Are Banned

If you joined hoping you'd be able to download videos, IMMEDIATELY log out and email for a full refund. If you begin exploring the member area past this page, NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

Attempts to screen grab, download videos, stream multiple videos simultaneously, page crawl, etc. will result in automated bans. Our A.I. security system is very good. Most support tickets are new staff members experiencing a ban because of the above activity.

Sorry about the warning, but I'd rather get rid of the bad staff member immediately as they eat up bandwidth resources and my time as I investigate what led to the ban. I'd rather spend that time communicating with you about our mutual medfet interests!

VPN's Are Allowed But Can Result In Accidental Bans
We partnered with NordVPN to help eliminate IP ban/blocking issues!
Other VPN brands are welcome but may experience IP bans.
While rare, accidental bans due to VPN's can happen.

So if it happens, reach out to

VPN's hide your location but not bad behaviour from the A.I. system.
The nurses will pull your file and either apologize before cleaing
the ban or they'll issue a warning about your activity which
you must acknowledge before the ban is cleared.