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August 2021 Newsletter To Staff Members - Development Update!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Wed, 18 August 2021

Good morning to all of my Doctors, Nurses, & patients!

I'm reaching out to inform you of the changes continuing to happen on both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. You are receiving this email because you are either a current or past member of my websites. Your email address is private, and no one other than myself will see it. This email has been sent B.C.C. so you can respond, and no one will see your reply. Or email

I am fully recovered from Covid and back to work! I am happy to report since adding the new media servers in July, everyone seems to be streaming without issues once again! If you are still having issues streaming, just reach out!

Are You Ready For 4 New Releases Per Website Per Week?

Thank you to all who signed up to help push staff membership to 400 in my birthday month of July! We didn’t make it, but staff membership pushed above 350 and is currently at 354! That means we are only 46 staff members away from reaching 400 members, unlocking a 4th weekly release per website! That’ll be 12 weekly updates total once launches! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

Last Chance To Get For Free!

Since my developer continues to find new issues with the new site design, we are abandoning the new layout and have started development on the current platform used by CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. This means should be live in September since we are building on a tried and true platform we know how to use. 

This newsletter may be my last remind that if you want to get for free, you need to sign up for the DUAL membership using this link:

Once is approved for billing, the dual membership will become a triple membership and increase by $10/month. Anyone holding a DUAL membership will instantly get a TRIPLE membership at no extra cost!

Custom Movies:

Doctor Tampa is gearing up to film a new patient every week thru the end of the year. If you want a custom, reach out to get added to the custom movies list! If you want to see who's coming soon, just checkout the pictures section of the website for updates! The upcoming patients will be added tomorrow!

Doctor Tampa Continues To Invest In $Clov To Fund New Studio!

In June some of you may have noticed my Twitter was taken over by talk of $Clov. Then my pornhub/xvideos/xhamster was taken over with $Clov as well. Why?

Well I started trading in meme stocks earlier this year as a way to invest the new studio money to get the new studio built way quicker. I have since moved my investments into 1 stock, Clover Health. Clover Health is a technology company which went into the health insurance business. After doing my research, I believe they will drive the future of medicare by using technology to deliver better care than current insurers.

If you want to learn more or join me on every night at 8pm eastern as I discuss Clover Health. Feel free to invest and hold your shares with me. I want to make my dream medical fetish studio happen in a year or two, and this is how I’m planning on doing it!

If you are going to get into stocks, DO NOT use RobinHood. I HIGHLY recommend WeBull or Public App. If you join WeBull, use this link to get free stocks when you sign up:

New GirlsGoneGyno Logo?

The GirlsGoneGyno logo just turned 10, so Doctor Tampa is giving the logo a refresh! Don’t worry, the movies will stay the same. Reply back to this email with your vote!

Thank you all for your support so I can work hard at continuing to deliver the BEST medical fetish movies I can create for your viewing pleasure! Thank you to everyone who supports my kinky clinics, I wouldn’t be here without you! And with your continued support, my best work is yet to cum!

-Doctor Tampa