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Another Update From Doctor Tampaby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Sat, 22 May 2021

Hello to all my clinical staff members, past, current, and present!

 I hope everyone is well and that the snow has melted for many of you! This isn't my normal newsletter. Today I crafted a letter that will be sent to all new signups with basic information about my sites as well as support emails. But I wanted to share it with you first!

 Thank you to all, we are only 24 new members away from an additional 4 new releases each month!!! And thank you to fans, we're only 11 new fans away from a second world premier each month!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

-Doctor Tampa  

Hi there!

My name is Doctor Tampa. I am the kinky brain behind CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. Thank you for joining one of my websites! I am sending this email to you because your email address was used to sign up for a membership on one of my websites.

 Members like yourself are essential to my clinical operations, so I reach out to new members to say thank you and welcome you into my clinic!

 Currently as a new member, you can stream any movie and download any picture set! If you stay an active member for 9 continuous months you qualify for “Loyal Staff Members Rewards Program”. This allows you to download any movie at any time for your own personal consumption! Outside of the rewards program, there is no way to download movies.

There are security systems in place to prevent downloading, page crawling, and other activities that are not normal use of a website. The websites will automatically ban anyone exhibiting abnormal website use for a few hours with subsequent bans increasing in time. Normal browsing and use does not trip these security measures. If you have joined with ill intents, please email us to cancel to save us both time and hassell.

If you do have issues using my websites, email me within 24-48 hours so I can troubleshoot your issues. I want you to enjoy my unique medfet content and be satisfied with your membership experience. In the rare exception I am unable to resolve the issue, I will refund your membership.

Chargebacks are unnecessary. Are you having issues with my websites? Did your little brother use your credit card last night to sign up? Please do not chargeback your membership. Immediately email me and let me know the issue. I will resolve it or issue a refund.

Now that I’ve welcomed you and the formalities are done, I’d like to tell you about a few things to check out on the websites.

-I have posted an “Open Letter” to all on my website about future goals.

-When you log in there's a link to a “Staff Members Only” survey. Please take it to help me continue to understand how I can make my productions better.

-Checkout the “Updates" page that will show you all the upcoming releases. More Members = More Movies! The more members that stay subscribed, the faster new releases will come out!

-There are pages about how to become a director, patient, or model.

-You can find my social media on or the links page.

-Be sure to visit the “Loyal Staff Members Rewards” page. The list of benefits will continue to grow as my clinical operations grow.

 After dabbling in making medfet movies for a decade, I quit my full time job of 17 years at the end of 2019. I wanted to see if I could make being Doctor Tampa my full time job. With the support of amazing people like yourself, I have found success as Doctor Tampa, entertaining you with twice weekly updates. And with your continued membership support I will be able to increase the amount of weekly updates while continuing to improve my clinical productions. As I always say, my best is yet to cum!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are having issues with my websites.

 THANK YOU more than words can express for your support! 

-Doctor Tampa