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January 2021 Newsletter To Staff Members!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Thu, 21 January 2021

January 2021 Update To All Members & Fans

If you are reading this, congratulations on surviving 2021! I certainly hope everybody's year is off to a great start! 

First off, let me start by giving a BIG THANK YOU to all of you, my real fans, for helping to make 2020 the best year in at least one way! I took a massive risk in November 2019 by quitting my job of 17 years to put my sole focus into my productions. When I left that job, my websites were not making enough income to pay my bills. But I had saved some money and felt I could see the writing was on the wall. By putting all of my time and energy into something I love, I felt I could get membership numbers high enough to not have to return to a full-time job within a year or two. 

I am happy to report that within the past year since leaving that job, I have been able to double monthly membership numbers so that I can sustain this as my full-time job. At this point, I do not see myself returning to my old job. Trust me when I say after being there 17 years, they have been trying to get back. While at the end of the day, it paid better, money isn't everything. Being Doctor Tampa full time to entertain and converse with you wonderful people has made me happier and more satisfied with my work than ever before!

But there is still much work to do, equipment to upgrade, and patients to examine! As I'm sure many of you remember, I put out an open letter to my fans last year with my future plans. I am working on an update to that letter.

Become A Director - Custom Movies:

Now taking orders for customs with upcoming models. I've been asked for a natural redhead and found a redhead with a fantastic body and innocent face! Limited production time slots available; see "Become A Director" on either website for more info.

Feb 1st to 10th - Porn Star @LennaLuxxx (on Twitter) will be here as a nurse/patient and shooting custom clips and movies

Feb 2nd to 5th - Jasmine Nicklas will be shooting movies as a patient movies

Feb 17th to 19th - Asia Oakley will be shooting movies as a patient movies

Become A Patient

Have you ever watched a CaptiveClinic or GirlsGoneGyno movie and thought you would LOVE to be the patient? For those of you who have, Doctor Tampa has begun equipment and set rentals so you can become a patient and the nurses can get their gloves hands-on you! Please see the "Become A Patient" section of either website for details. A maximum of 3 appointment time slots are available each month.

New Nurse Has Been Hired!

As you may recall from the "Open Letter", one of my goals last year was to hire a full-time nurse. I am happy to finally announce Nurse Jasmine Rose has joined our team! She has no relation to our former Nurse Lilith Rose, even though they look like they could have been sisters and both have the same last name. Nurse Jasmine Rose's patient videos will be coming out this year, followed by her roles as a nurse.

New Equipment:

As some of you are aware, my end of 2020 was plagued with computer issues. For those of you that were unaware, that's why updates didn't come for two weeks. I came back from Christmas eve with the family to a dead P.C., ten my laptop stopped working in the same week. That was after 1 month of constant issues in August. I just spent about $3,500 to build a new high-end P.C. for editing and posting. It's an unfortunate cost of doing business and was unexpected. A BIG THANK YOU to those who have donated on OnlyFans to help with the cost! If anyone else would like to help, please reach out.

I recently purchased some new additional toys to use on models you'll see in upcoming videos. I would like to purchase a new patient monitor capable of EKG/ECG and some more secure leg stirrups. The patient monitor is going to run about $1800, and the new stirrups around $1000. I know fans in the past have expressed interest in helping purchase equipment, so if you are in a position to help, it would be much appreciated.

New Movies:

New movies are scheduled well into summer 2021 for both websites! As I continue to shoot new models, I will keep adjusting the new release schedule to include the new shoots so it's not the same models releasing every month.

I'm happy to announce new versions of "The New Guinea Pigs" and "A Stimulating Exam" have been filmed! These are two classic storylines that have never been filmed again since the originals. Both of these films were shot with all-female casts and shot from a camera person's perspective.

I know many of you have asked for these two movies to be remade. I also know many of you have asked for all-female casts and some videos to be shot from a camera person's perspective. I want all of my fans to know I analyze the surveys and read every comment even if I didn't reply. 

Additionally, I am adding urine samples and foot exams to some videos.

Re-Released/Reformatted Movies:

In 2020 I set out to re-edit and remaster my entire catalog of videos spanning 12 years to add never before seen pelvic close-up cameras, patient monitor cameras, cervical cameras, and consent scenes. The last of the re-edited/reformatted GirlsGoneGyno movies should be released in the next month. Once that has been completed, all of CaptiveClinics movies and descriptions will be updated by the end of March.

I took it one step further with CaptiveClinic. You will now see all of the pre-shoot and post-shoot discussions with the model on top of consent scenes. Due to the nature of CaptiveClinic's stories, I wanted to add in more than just a consent scene done at the end of filming. I want you to see the full discussions before and after the scenes, so you know that the entire time the model was just acting, and everything was truly consensual. Once CaptiveClinics re-releases are done, I will move on to the item below.

Reversed/Picture Sets:

I know I keep saying you're going to see more of the reverse videos and photosets. Until re-releases/reformatted movies are done, both of these projects are on hold until I have additional help to get them done. My apologies, but I don't want to keep leading my fans on since neither projects are near being done.

 Behind The Scenes:

Check out my OnlyFans.Com/RealDoctorTampa for all the behind the scenes of my productions and life! There are uniform testing videos, girls getting orgasms at adult trade shows, GirlsGoneGyno events I've put on, failed takes, behind the scene shots, scene explanation and setup clips, and more! It's only $5, and you get a personal shout out and a clip uploaded for joining and another each month you stay subscribed! It's a great way to see upcoming models and behind the scenes of movies before they're released

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

Did You Cancel Your Membership?

Don't be shy, tell the doctor why! If there is a reason you are canceling your membership, please reach out and let me know the reason. While I never make promises, I listen, and your feedback has always been instrumental in the changes I make. As I continue moving forward with new sets, new scripts, and new medical staff, I need all my REAL fans like you who join my sites and buy clips. So drop me a message! 

Thank you so much for being a part of my kinky clinic!

Have a safe and prosperous New Year!

 -Doctor Tampa