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New Rewards Program Launched!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 1 September 2020

September 2020 Update To All Members & Fans

New Reward Program Launched!

Great news for those who joined in December 2019 and have stayed active as I kept saying loyal members would be rewarded with unlimited downloads in 2020! You now qualify for UNLIMITED downloads!!!

September 1, 2020, Doctor Tampa ended the bi-weekly 8 clip download program while launching a new rewards program! Members active for 9 consecutive months now get access to unlimited downloads AND get a FREE MONTH on their 1 year anniversary, and 1 FREE MONTH on every year after!

 Once your membership has been continuously active for 9 months, email support to have downloads activated! Email again at 1 year for your free month! But remember, you can't cancel, your membership has to have been continuously active to qualify! My goal is to gain more long term membership support so I can continue to invest more into new movies, sets, patients and nursing staff...while rewarding those who stay loyal!

Previously I stated if we reach 300 members in a month I would open up downloads to all. This hasn’t happened yet but membership has risen from around 100 in early 2020, to 150 in May, to around 200 members in September. So instead of continuing to ask the loyal member to wait, and wait, and wait, I rolled out this new rewards program for those who have been very patient in maintaining their memberships! Thank you so much!

 I have also decided against offering a higher priced “Download Membership” option. If we hit 300 members in a month by the end of 2021 I will still make good on my promise of unlimited downloads for those 300 members. Otherwise time will be the only way to get unlimited downloads.

So get your membership, stay subscribed and you'll be downloading before you know it!

-Doctor Tampa