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Posted on Fri, 17 September 2021

Good evening to all of my Doctors, Nurses, & Patients!

THANK YOU to all my members, past, present, and current for helping push us so close to 400 staff members! More Members = More Movies and we are less than 20 new staff members away from triggering a 4th weekly release on all CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno! I wanted to give everyone a 2nd update on since its launch.

Doctor-Tampa Release Schedule Coming Next Week!

The nurses have been working hard all week to get the FULL launch catalog live for your viewing pleasure. I’m happy to report there’s 18 pages of movies now available! The last of the movies are being uploaded today! Remember, there are 18 BRAND NEW never before seen movies posted including SICCOS with Zoe Lark!

Next week you will see a “New Release Schedule” posted and the 3 weekly releases will begin! Or possibly 4 weekly releases if we get 20 more staff members in our clinic this weekend!

Since Doctor-Tampa Launch We Are Climbing Quick To 400 Staff Members!

Hopefully by the end of September we will hit a combined 400 staff members on CC, DT, & GGG triggering a 4th weekly release which would be about 6 hours of brand new movies each week for those who are members of all 3 of my websites! Series/Seasons/Episodes Feature Almost Complete!

The Series/Seasons/Episodes page is almost done and will be rolling out to and soon! Check it out here:

Get Doctor-Tampa For FREE In September!

You can still get Doctor-Tampa for FREE if you join both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno using the link below! Use this link to sign up for ALL THREE SITES as low as $39.95/month:

If you are having any issues with any of my sites please reach out! BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me along my journey! It's far from over, I’m only getting started as my best medical fetish work has yet to cum!

-Doctor Tampa