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3 New Weekly Releases Are Finally Here!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Fri, 4 June 2021

BIG THANK YOU to the 309 members as of today!!!

More Members = More Movies!

In less than 72 hours after announcing will be launching soon and you can get it for free by signing up for an all access pass, there was an outpouring of support with 30 new staff members! This was the largest increase ever!

Hitting 300 means 3 brand new weekly releases instead of 2! That's 52 additional clips, per website, per year! Plus Doctor-Tampa will launch with 18 all new movies and update 3 times each week as well! “All Access Members” will get 9 new updates each week between the 3 websites. That's about 4.5 hours of new movies EVERY WEEK!

The Doctor-Tampa release schedule is now live for you to see! When will it launch? I can’t tell you with certainty, but today I redirected the name servers so development can begin. There's a good chance it will soft launch by the end of the weekend or next week!

This means if you want to get for FREE, you need to sign up for an “All Access” pass ASAP here:

Once development is done and the soft launch happens, the membership above will increase by $10 to new members. Existing members will be LOCKED IN at their current pricing saving $120/year!

And once all 3 sites have 400 staff members combined there will be a 4th weekly update! If this happens by July 4th, there will be 30+ EXTRA movies released in 2021 just by hitting 400! That will mean 6 hours of new content every week!

So checkout the “New Releases Page” to see all the extra movie releases you made happen in 2021! And if you're not a member, join now! Thank you to all of you so much for your support of my kinky art!

-Doctor Tampa