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October 2021 Newsletter Part 2 To Staff Members!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Fri, 22 October 2021

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses and Patients!

I hope everyone is enjoying which is now updating 3 times each week like CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno!

Hopefully you have your costume all picked out for Halloween! I’m going to be going as the new version of the faceless doctor from “Strangers In The Night”! It's a with the reflective face shield and the new look will make its debut in the series in 2022 with Rina Arem’s! Her movie will be the 1st to have the “taken” scene from a bar as well as being the 1st scene to be filmed from my POV, the nurses POV, and the security camera angle!

Please Reconsider Using Your Mastercard For Purchases

Yes, my websites still accept Mastercard but I’m talking about reconsidering using Mastercard for ANY purchase whatsoever. I have switched to using my Visa, Amex, Crypto, or Cash.

Why? The past year Mastercard has waged a war against the adult industry because of the actions of Po rnHub and now legitimate producers like myself are paying the price. We didn’t do anything wrong, and ironically PH made their money stealing our videos! But as a result of PH’s illegal actions, Mastercard is requiring platforms like Clips4Sale and ManyVids to check and retain the ID’s of ALL performers.

ID’s are VERY sensitive information and I have made assurances to my patients over the years their identity would remain a secret. As a result, I am not willing to upload all of these ID’s knowing it's only a matter of time before these “secure databases” are hacked. Since I am unwilling to compromise the identity of my performers, I am no longer able to upload new videos to Clips4Sale and ManyVids.

Videos posted to Clips4Sale and ManyVids before October 15th didn’t require ID uploads and will remain posted and for sale.

This WILL NOT AT ALL change CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, GirlsGoneGyno and other future sites that I build myself since I have a direct relationship with my bank vs of using a middle man such as Clips4Sale and ManyVids who is beholden to their bank. Hopefully in time Mastercard will come up with a reasonable solution. Until that time, I have my own solution. Read on.

Can I Still Buy & Download New Videos Before They’re Released On The Streaming Sites?

Yes, in the next two week I’m launching to replace what Clips4Sale has been for the past 12 years. This new stand alone website will be built on the same platform as my membership websites but instead of streaming it will be a download storefront like Clips4Sale. You will be able to purchase and download movies not yet released on the membership sites for streaming. BuyMyMovies will only have the unreleased movies not available on Clips4Sale but if BuyMyMovies is successful that could change. 

By building my own platform I can operate without a middle man between me and the bank since the middle man (Clips4Sale, ManyVids) is responsible for retaining the ID’s and the ones asking we provide them. Since I will be dealing directly with the same bank that has been processing your payments since my sites launched, I retain all of the ID’s and am only beholden to send that information should the bank ask for verification of a model's age or a copy of her model release. In 12 years I’ve never been asked for this information since I make it clear my models at 18+ and consenting to being filmed.

This new platform will also act as the start of the 4 additional websites I have in development. The new sites will start off as downloads only and as the catalog of movies builds, they will eventually have their own streaming membership sites which will be included to staff members who have the multi site membership. Those sites are HitachiHoes, BlastABitch, SuckThePolice, and GuysGoneGyno.

Wait, Movies Don’t Go To The Membership Sites 1st?

For those who are unaware, allow me to explain. When a new movie is released, it 1st becomes available on Clips4Sale to purchase and download anywhere from 6 month to 1 year before it appears on the membership websites for you to stream. This is similar to movies being released in theaters 1st and then on Netflix.

These Pay Per View downloads are instrumental to my business model and account for nearly half my monthly revenue. I cannot afford to lose that revenue, but I refuse to compromise my performers identity. I would rather see a drop in revenue then potentially have the real identities of any of my models exposed. I keep the identities of my models private. I do this for all of you staff members as well.

This extreme disruption to my industry's business model is why I encourage you to say something to Mastercard about how they are only hurting hard working sex workers and entertainers. This is also why I ask you to reconsider using your Mastercard for ANY purchase, especially porn. But I will still accept your Mastercard if that's how you choose to pay since money makes the world go round!

OnlyFans Replacement Is Here!

For the time being, JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa will remain the replacement to my OnlyFans. But I’m no idiot, and I try to remain proactive about what future fuckery could be just around the corner. I started the re-edit of my entire 12 year catalog of movies in January 2020 to add more consent scenes and behind the scenes long before Mastercard became an issue. I did this out of concern for the #metoo movement. I didn’t want anyone to think what we make is truly nonconsensual. It's all acting and pre-negotiated with models so I wanted to reinforce the consent each model gives before we start filming.

Thank God I did this. As I finished this year-long re-edit project, Mastercard unleashed hell upon porn and especially BDSM porn. These re-release with 10-30 minutes of additional consent scenes are what is keeping CaptiveClinic content viable for billers even if some members were upset that it “ruined” the fantasy. You can skip forward, you do not need to watch the consent scenes. But I need them to stay in business and out of jail so you can continue to enjoy new movies 3 times each week!

So as a result, by the end of 2021, I will develop my own “behind the scenes” website built on the same platform all of my other websites are built on.

If you are a member of all 3 websites, you will get this 4th website with all of my behind the scenes for free.

If you are a JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa staff member when my stand alone site launches, I’ll give you a free month of my new stand alone BTS site!

Additionally, building my own BTS platform will allow it to become much easier to find what you want to see because I can categorize it like I do with movies. None of these “fan” platforms currently allow for easier sorting/searching and I have over 1,000 behind the scenes clips I would love you to see!

But for now, there's 28 uploaded brand new BTS clips and 2 new clips coming out each day and I could use the extra support since sales have taken a hit this past month due to platform changes with Mastercards regulations. Join here for $9.95 → - This is currently the only place to see my behind the scenes of my latest shoots! I am not posting anything previously uploaded to OF at this time. 

Also follow: - Go follow me for free but not posting here at this time. - Go follow Nurse Stacy Shepard for free, she is going to be doing AVN Star instead of OnlyFans. Look for her posting her own content this week as well as exclusive previews of what's coming to my websites!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

400 Members = 4th Weekly Release On All 3 Websites!

There has been a recent drop in membership down to 361 as of today, but these fluctuations are normal and as soon as we hit 400 staff members all 3 websites will update 4 times each week!

Movie Series” Live On Doctor-Tampa & CaptiveClinic!

You may have noticed a “Series” button on the top navigation bar of CaptiveClinic and Doctor-Tampa. This series feature is to better organize movie series and is broken down into seasons (aka models) and episodes (aka each part of the models movie is listed in chronological order). Look for it to appear on GirlsGoneGyno in the next week! Hopefully this will allow you to better maneuver the 100’s of medical fetish movies I have made for you to enjoy!

Reminder: Downloads Are ONLY For “Loyal Staff Members

This is a reminder that all of my websites are “streaming only” unless you become a “Loyal Staff Member” by keeping your membership active for 9 continuous months. Attempts to download videos is a violation of the TOS and the website's security system will issue an escalating temporary ban. This is just a friendly reminder to all to please use my website in a normal manner for a streaming website. The only enhanced browsing experience we allow is the use of NORDVPN.

Join All 3 Of My Websites For A Little As $39.95/month!

Just a reminder you can get,, and for $39.95/month when you pay 3 months at a time. After 9 months of being a member you qualify for unlimited downloads of movies as long as they are for your personal consumption and not to share with anyone, paid or for free.


Still buying as I watch the manipulation of this stock each week. Every dollar you spend with me that doesn’t go to bills, equipment, or models is being invested into Clover Health to ironically fund my dream 10,000 sqft medical/hospital production studio. You can read about the studio I will be building in my open letter to fans. "Loyal Staff Members" will be able to visit or become extras once the studio is built. I see Clov as a way to bring this to fruition sooner. Invest with me if you decide on your own that you want to, not because I’m investing. Do your own DD at 

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your continued support of my medfet art as I continue on my journey as a director, producer, actor, editor, web developer, tech support, and all the other scrub caps I wear! I can’t wait til there's 400 staff members enjoying 4 new weekly releases on each website!

-Doctor Tampa