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FebruMarch Newsletter To Staff Membersby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 15 March 2022

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses and Patients!

Hopefully, everybody has been having a wonderful, prosperous, and covid free New Year! 

I know some of you have been wondering where I have been since this is the first newsletter in nearly two months. As always tech/billing support emails have been responded to daily but my apologies if you emailed to chat and have not yet received a reply. I haven’t had the time to reply to staff mail that wasn’t of an urgent nature.

But the newsletter silence from me typically means I'm working very diligently on projects or filming! I just completed a MAJOR project that I think everyone should LOVE! So let me give you some updates as to what's going on around our clinic! Strap into the exam table, this is going to be a LONG update and I cut it short!

Tags Have FINALLY Become Functional!

I am happy to report that all tags on all websites are fully functional! Tags were the last major part of the 2-year overhaul that has been taking place. Technical issues held it up from being completed but a week ago those issues were resolved so I spent 5x 36 hour days back to back with 10 hours sleep in between drinking gallons of coffee sitting in front of my computer staring at spreadsheets and the web pages to go from 2,000 tags to 900 tags across 1,100+ movie segments. During that time I also added tons of missing tags to movies! My terrible insomnia for the win for once!

Tags for EVERY movie segment are unique! If a movie segment is tagged with something, IT SHOULD BE IN THE MOVIE SEGMENT. 

If we used an illuminated plastic speculum in “Tampa University - Stacy Shepard - Part 3 of 4”, only part 3 of 4 will appear under the “illuminated plastic speculum” tag. Part 1/2/4 will not be listed there since they have their own unique set of tags. But if you click “Blonde Hair” you will see “Tampa University - Stacy Shepard - Part 1/2/3/4” because Stacy has blonde hair!

I think I nailed all of the major categories (drop-down menu above tags on the right side of all clinics sites) and non-major tags (about 900 actions, instruments, sets, situations, feelings/expressions, and wardrobe). Many of the deleted tags were useless, misspelled, or redundant ex: “restraint to surgical table” & “strapped to surgical table” were combined. All clothing is now generic ex: “red t-shirt” is now “t-shirt”.  The only color-coded wardrobe I left was bras and panties.

It was a MASSIVE undertaking and my assistants thought I was crazy, and I am, but I felt tags needed to be done! Though sometimes I question if the organization things I’ve done are overkill and you won’t even use the tags because you watch everything that comes out!

But then again I often wonder if the storylines to instrument layout and scene setup is overkill or if everything I do is overkill and that I’m overthinking everything from how I shoot to how we edit to the consent scenes or how you can search my websites for my movies by model, major actions (categories), non-major actions (tags), newest videos (Videos tab), Movie Title (Series tab), to the fact I keep running lists of updates showing we update constantly or even these newsletters I spend a few hours on each month!

But every time I question if what I’m doing is overkill and a waste of time and resources, I think back to when I was a medfet consumer joining DoctorTushy. I just wanted to see certain things, like a certain type of speculum being used or a certain type of scenario. Finding quality medfet has always been hard, and searching the clinic once you joined was always impossible!

So my passion for medfet is what motivates me every day to put these crazy hours in to make our clinics the best they can be! I'm trying to constantly innovate for our niche and be more than just a "porn site". In my mind, I’m building a community of like-minded kinksters, even more so once I’m able to build a studio you can come to visit! It will be the medfet Mecca! 

I have a lot of big projects coming up this year so I’m happy to have this tags project off my plate. The newest movie on BuyMyMovies do not yet have tags or descriptions. I was waiting for the final tag list instead of making more work by making those tag sets then having to overhaul them. I’m talking to my developer about adding a feature to allow staff members to suggest missing tags for segments since I’m good but not perfect. Another project is to eventually add a forum or discord for staff members to connect!

Membership Is Down, But I’m Not!

Staff membership has been substantially under 400 for a little over a month. We currently had a total staff of 375. Once it dropped under 400 I should have begun emailing about rolling back updates but I’ve held strong since I know everything in life has its ups and downs! So I’m hoping we can get staff membership over 400 by the end of March!

Plus if we hit 400 staff members by the end of March, I will announce another special mass release if we can then reach 500 by the end of April! For those unaware, 400 staff members helped released 60 bonus movie segments in 1 day on back in January!

This week we’ll start uploading 100+ new previews to the tube sites which will also help us reach these staff membership goals! I don’t even want to consider reducing updates back to 3 per week, I’m all about moving forward!

So if you are not a current staff member, please consider signing back up! 500 staff members would mean 5 updates each week and help keep our momentum to 1,000! Unless you don’t want me to build the medfet Mecca!

2 Year Top To Bottom Overhaul Is Coming To A Close

After I left my career to become Doctor Tampa full time, your feedback helped spawn an overhaul of everything! I never imaged it would have taken 2 years, but it's almost done! Thank you to all who have been patient and remained staff members while this took place instead of leaving and rejoining once it was completed! Those 63 loyal staff members have been rewarded with free months, tokens, and the ability to download movies to your heart's content!

Your feedback on surveys helped so many changes take place around our clinic and continues to help our movies grow in new directions while staying true to medfet! If it wasn’t for a staff member (no names but you know who you are) saying “I love your 2 websites.” “You are a man after my own heart.” Please do more closeups of the pussy when you spread them open during your exams”, who knows how long it would have taken me to add the pelvic camera?! Originally, I planned to make the 10 years of unseen pelvic close-up cameras into a 4th (now abandoned) site called ExamCams.

Instead, I exchanged a couple of dozen emails with that staff member in the summer of 2019 which led to the picture in picture pelvic cam idea. After I quit my career of 17 years just a few months, I started re-editing my movies adding those unseen close-ups to their original CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno movies during what became the 2-year overhaul! 

Your feedback also spawned the recording of the patient monitor for the 2nd picture-in-picture as well as fixing the noises of the patient monitor before buying a reliable brand new patient monitor! I also began doing foot exams because there was a large consensus staff members wanted to examine patients' feet! I’ve even added some butt stuff in the past year with more planned as I become more comfortable with doing butt stuff since butt stuff isn’t a personal kink but something I’m becoming comfortable in doing.

Movie And Website Overhaul Has Included:

-Setting up BuyMyMovies to manage movies for all streaming sites

-Overhauling written movie descriptions to correct tons of misspelling and grammatical errors

-Adding keywords/phrases to describe every action/instrument in each movie segment

-Re-editing/remastering 13 years of movies with never-before-seen pelvic cams/sex scenes!

-Remaking 13 years of photo sets from those movies

-Cleaning up all websites look and refreshing all text on all websites

-Making new logos

-Adding new payment options

Soon the header images will change on the websites to include the logos and at that point, you will know the overhaul is 100% done!

New Storylines Continuing To Cum Out!

There seems to be a lot of interest in these new series: Taken: By Your Government, The Doctors New Scrubs, Examine My Hooters, The Perverted Podiatrist, Glove Snapping, and The Pre Employment Physical.

I’m continuing to film more of these storylines, many with an all-female cast with Doctor Stacy Shepard as the lead, and continuing to conceive other new creative ideas! I also have a “The New Immigration Policy: American Citizens” in 100% English coming with 2 American sisters caught up in the immigration mess! There will also be a “Strangers In The Night: Hooters Girl Edition” being filmed next month!

So thank you for the feedback and purchases of these new storylines on BuyMyMovies! If you don’t use BMM, don’t worry, these movie series will be coming to the streaming clinics throughout the year!

BuyMyMovies Is Almost FULLY Updated!

In January when I told you BuyMyMovies would start updating with a brand new movie every day, I'm sure some of you thought I was nuts. I thought I was nuts. And I was nuts being only a month into training a new assistant that had no editing experience whatsoever. In trying to release 1 new movie a day while training a new assistant while continuing to finish the overhaul of the site, I flew too close to the Sun, and my wings got a little bit burned. 

But I need to set goals to work towards and I’m very motivated by deadlines. I always did my finest school work the night before it was due! BMM updates started strong in January because I had movies in the reserves at that point. As we moved into mid-February, my assistant was finishing movies slower than anticipated as she continued to learn the intricacies of post-production putting BuyMyMovies 12 to 16 releases behind on any given day.

But slow and steady does win the race, and I am happy to report my new assistant has become proficient in her job of editing and finishing videos in the manner in which I had. Hopefully, you can't even tell a difference! At this point, we are less than a handful of movies behind on BMM’s release schedule and by tomorrow the release schedule should be 100% caught up with daily releases being released on time starting tomorrow!

Missing movie descriptions and keywords will be added by the end of this month. Also download have been extended to 30 days past your purchase on BuyMyMovies! I'm considering extending that to be a lifetime to redownload or stream your BuyMyMovies purchase! What do you think about that?

BuyMyMovies With PayPal!

Payments must be sent Family/Friends but did you know you can BuyMyMovies by sending a payment thru PayPal? You can buy more than $100 in tokens with PayPal as well! Plug you get 1100 tokens for every $100 instead of 1050 tokens for $100 thru Verotel!

New Payment Processor Is On The Way!

On that note, I know I have fielded many emails about people having issues getting payments to process. I am working on a cascading billing system that will add another credit card payment processor on top of our current payment processor to help alleviate these issues. I will let everybody know once this has been finished!

Doctor-Tampa Discounted Pricing Ends

This was supposed to happen back in January but I extended the discounted price. But adding another processor comes with a $1200/year application fee just to process credit cards so I ended the discounted price to help pay these additional costs for the 2nd biller. Did you know I pay $1200/year per biller on top of 15% to process credit cards? Adult companies are extorted for credit card fees because we are considered high risk. This leads to my next point.

Chargebacks = Blacklist

Most of you don’t need to read this as you are WONDERFUL staff members! But if you are thinking of doing a chargeback, JUST REACH OUT!

I’m very easy to reach about tech/billing issues. Those emails always get a reply within 24 hours no matter how busy I am. There is no reason for a chargeback and those who chargeback their staff membership dues never reach out 1st. 

Those who reach out have their issue resolved every time. The staff member who suggested pelvic cam close-ups had issues accessing my sites when he 1st joined in 2019. He didn’t throw his hands up and do a chargeback. He reached out, we talked through the issue, I talked to my developer and a few days later we had the issue fixed. I ended up adding extra time to his account for the delay in fixing the issue, as I’ve done for others who waited while we figured out a problem, and now he’s a loyal staff member!

One lady's brother signed up using her computer. She emailed me the next morning after seeing the charge, explained what happened, and I refunded the membership. Sometimes people get rebilled after thinking they canceled and reach right out when they see the rebill. So I just refund them. I’m all about customer service, you know this if you’ve ever reached out to me! Just reach out promptly after having a billing issue. It's that easy! 

I email anyone who does a chargeback to find out what led to the chargeback. Very few reply but I wish they had reached out beforehand because all who have responded had EASILY resolvable issues. 

Those who do a chargeback are added to my blacklist. Additionally, Verotel blacklists IP’s, emails, and card numbers of anyone who does a chargeback. Verotels blacklist applies to all sites they process for. This blacklist will be imported into our new biller as well.

The only way to be removed from the blacklist is to pay what’s been changed back along with the chargeback fees I have to pay every time a chargeback is done.

 So if you are thinking of doing a chargeback, please reach out 1st. Chargebacks are 100% unnecessary and add even more unnecessary costs to what already amounts to extortion to be able to process credit cards. Thank you to all who have reached out about billing issues instead of doing a chargeback.

Is GuysGoneGyno Just An April Fools Joke?

Are GuysGoneGyno movies cumming out April 1st? Or did I just South Park you for months? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see…

Suspended from Twitter

On a not so joking topic, apparently, you can launch a war that kills people and still have a Twitter account, but calling for the trial and subsequent sending to The Gallows of the person murdering innocent civilians was too much for Twitter to handle. So once again, I'm suspended. Oh well, follow my last Twitter account I feel like I need a break from social media anyways.

Admittedly I should have known my words were too much for Twitter, but I'm honestly just so disgusted by war and over social media platforms' constant censorship at this point. For those who used Twitter for support, I’ve deleted the Twitter app phone from my phone and am not checking DMs often. But you have my email address and if you need to reach me, you know how to get ahold of me. You can also DM me on with support issues.

TrulyAFan Development Begins In April!

I didn't want to tackle this project while I trained my new assistant, continued to make new movies, ran all of the tech support for all of my websites, and try to finish 2-year overhaul. But as those projects draw to a close, it's going to give me some time to work on my next project. Which is creating my own social media site! Seeing as I'm so sick of being suspended from every platform (even when not threatening Putin), I'm going to create my own social media platform just like I've done for my movies!

I can't give you too many details since I know people in the adult industry are closely watching what I’m doing, but TrulyAFan is truly going to be something different than the other platforms of mine, and it will be better than OF. I promise to tell you about it 1st once we are done developing it as I'm going to be the first person to join my new platform! That's all I can say for now.

Lapse in Membership

For those of you who are unaware, I have made this an official topic on the loyal staff members page. If you have a lapse, there is a way around this lapse. Just reach out if this happens to you!

I think that about sums up everything taking place in the past 2 months! Its now 4pm and I’m wrapping up my 6th 36 hour day but if you are worried about me, I promise this is my last 36 hour day for a long time! I leave tomorrow morning for a much-needed couple-day vacation to the biggest little city! If you are a loyal staff member who is out that way, let's grab a drink! And any staff members see me while in Tampa, Denver, or Reno airport, feel free to say if you spot me in the airport! I’ll have a free “TSAyyyy What Are You Doing” just for you! All I ask is please be respectful as I’ll be traveling with family, but they know what I do so don’t be shy to say hi!

If you’ve sent an email that's gone unresponded, I will be replying to your email at some point during my vacation!

Thank you to all of my staff members past and present! An extra thank you to those who upped their staff ranking to “Loyal Staff Members” this month! With all of the support from you amazing people, I will be able to continue to dominate TF out of medfet like no one's business other than mine! And with your continued support, we will soon have a medfet Mecca you can visit!

-Doctor Tampa

P.S. If you downloaded SICCOS with Alexandria Wu the audio was 3 seconds off. It has since been corrected and you can download a new copy!