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Doctor Tampa Is Alive But Decembers Been Rough - December Newsletterby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Wed, 15 December 2021

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses, and Patients!

I know I’ve been almost absent from social media this past month. A number of you reached out in the past few weeks via email and didn’t receive my normal reply and became concerned. However, I did reply to all support tickets that needed urgent attention within 24-48 hours. Just so everyone knows, I’m alive but life decided to throw a lot at me all at once.

As you may know, I’ve been training a new behind the camera PA the past few weeks even as I continued to make new movies. What you don’t know is that recently a close friend tragically and unexpectedly passed away. Then a pipe burst in my house and a week later another pipe burst in my detached garage where the black/white room is located. Then a model ended up hospitalized while here from California. It was a pre-existing medical condition, not related to anything we were filming or our actions. But she is currently still hospitalized and tracking down family and helping them get here to be with her has consumed my time. I am told they expect her to make a full recovery. All of this happened on top of my bank ramping up their foreclosure attack on my sinkhole home which the sinkhole probably caused at least 1 of those water leaks.

So needless to say I am alive, but haven’t been too well as I deal with a lot of unexpected things life has chosen to pile on in a short time frame. But while life tries to beat me down, I’m always continuing to work and push forward with my grander medical fetish plans. Such as the new expanded studio I want to build from scratch by the end of 202!

But I did want to reach out to let you know I’m alive and what recent changes are taking place behind and in front of the camera!

Production Is Wrapped For 2021!

I had 2 more models to shoot this month but due to having a model still in the hospital locally I have decided to cancel the remaining shoots for 2021. She should be released in the next week and I plan to resume production January 5th, 2022 with a BRAND NEW model!

All New Release Schedules Updated Except 

I said I would update the new release schedule on all websites either when we hit 400 numbers or when we hit the end of the year. Unfortunately we haven't made it to the 400 staff members level so as we near the end of this year I have just gone ahead and updated it. In doing this some of the recently filmed movies will come out sooner and some of the older unreleased videos have had their release dates pushed back. I don’t imagine anyone will be upset by this.

BuyMyMovies will have its release log updated next week. There will be numerous new movies released before year end of BMM!

Upgrade To Multi Site Membership At Anytime!

I just wanted to let all members know that at any point you can upgrade from a single site membership to a multi-site membership. Simply reach out after purchasing your new multi-site membership and I will cancel and prorate a refund of your single-site membership!

Supplemental Survey Link Corrected!

Initially the “Supplemental Survey” posted in the members area was the same as the public survey. This has been corrected. Please take the supplemental survey in the members area. I have also changed it to not require all questions to be answered. The survey in the members area is the same regardless of you taking it on DT, CC, GGG and BMM. Please also take each individual sites main survey located just below the supplemental survey link when you login.

New Local Model & Nurse Hired!

In addition to Nurse Stacy Shepard and Nurse Morena (upcoming in Rebel Wyatt’s movies), I have hired a 3rd local nurse! Yesenia Youso made her 1st adult movie with us last week and will begin starring in nude and non nude nursing roles January 2022! This will help to continue to accomplish my goal of filming more girl on girl as well as making more movies with an all female cast!

New Storylines & More Patients!

My kinky mind never stops going and is always coming up with new story lines as well as new things to do within those storylines. Currently GirlsGoneGyno have over 30 different series and CaptiveClinic has over 45 different series! When models come in they pick from an extensive list that is greater than the storylines that you even know about and I continue to write more new storylines as well as new twists on old favorites!

Just last week I just filmed a new version of ”The New Immigration Policy”. In this version it's now American citizens that they're trying to disenfranchise by invalidating birth certificates issued by hospitals. It was filmed 100% in English and starts off telling the individual stories of two sisters before reuniting them in the black and white laboratory for examinations/poking/prodding/sounding/pounding them side-by-side. The 3rd scene of the movie is 2.5 hours long of examination and studying. Its very extensive and the longest single scene I’ve ever filmed! The entire 7 scene movie includes multiple catheterization and sounding scenes. Eventually the sisters are separated back out and their stories continue.

Another redone storyline that I'm working on is “Strangers in the Night: Hooters Edition” in which a whole bus load of Hooters girls coming back from the calendar shoot are taken to become sex slaves. They will be processed in pairs. There will be a big twist with one of the nurses in this movie! That series will tie into the “Examine My Hooters” that will be coming to GGG in which girls are getting their medical check-ups before becoming a Hooters waitress!

Other CC storylines I've written and have started filming: Taken: By Your Government, Ward of The State

Other GGG storylines I've written and have started filming: A Strange New World, Do They Really Health Care About You? (Ties into Taken:By Your Government), Examine My Hooters, My Neighbors My Doctor, My Neighbor Is A Gynecologist?, The Virginity Clinic 

I'm working to film more story lines with multiple patients examined side by side. I've also been purchasing some new equipment such as toys, instruments, Violet wand probes, BDSM equipment, restraints, gopro session 5’s for our POV movies, and much more.

I would like to buy a second patient monitor at some point in the near future since I intend to do more movies with 2 patients. I would also like to buy a TV for the black-and-white laboratory room as well as a 4k camera that can broadcast to the TV as the current camera that does that is only 1080p. But those are very big ticket items totaling over $5,000 and I don’t have the extra capital available for them at this time. But I’m always planning on how I’m going to spend next month's money to continue my constant improvements!

Previews On All Sites!

In the past month previews have been rolled out on all videos on all sites to help you make purchasing decisions as well as entice new staff members to join as I try to get our numbers over 400 staff members to get that 4th weekly release!

Shib Inu Added To Crypto Payment Options!

Doctor Tampa welcomes Shib Inu as an official crypto payment option in addition to about a dozen crypto payment options!

Still Trying To Get To 400 Staff Members!

I know some of you feel like things have changed with new movies coming out on 1st. In reality nothing changed because movies always came out on Clips4Sale first. After a few months on C4S the movies always got moved on the membership sites. This holding back of movies isn’t new and is how I’ve always done releases for membership sites. It's how I can continue to ensure new weekly releases to membership sites instead of waiting for me to film new movies. It's also how I ensure I have enough income to improve sets and make new movies! That's why I launched More Members = More Movies and Loyal Staff Rewards Program to incentivise those who love my movies to stay as staff members since every 100 staff members means an extra weekly release!

Unfortunately it seems the past couple of weeks staff member numbers have gone the wrong direction. As of my last email we had 383 staff members. As of this email it has dropped to 340 members. I’m hoping this is just the holiday season and that I will see many of you back in my kinky clinics soon! 400 staff members = a 4th weekly release on all 3 membership websites and with the 3,000+ past staff members receiving this email 400 staff members is still easily doable! 

Thank you to all who have continued to support my kinky medfet art! Now more than ever I could use the additional support of all who are able to join! I still have ambitious plans to break ground on a 10,000 sqft ultimate studio in 2022 which one “Loyal Staff Members” will have the chance to visit! Please consider continuing to support my kinky clinics or rejoin if you are no longer a staff member.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season no matter what you celebrate and if your celebration has passed, I hope it was well spent with amazing times among family and friends!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a kinky medfet night!

-Doctor Tampa