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To Clarify About Getting Doctor-Tampa Website For Free!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 1 June 2021

Sorry for the late message, but after the newsletter a number of people emailed with questions and one signed up for each website individually. So I wanted to clarify how to get for free once it launches.

If you want the membership that includes for free, you need to use this order page:

Join using ONLY that link above, and anyone with an active CaptiveClinic/GirlsGoneGyno combined membership will get access to once it launches. 
When will Doctor-Tampa launch? I don't know. My developer says I can start building within a week. It will take less than a week to build since this is my 3rd site and everything from descriptions to videos are ready. But there could be delays if problems are found. So I'm estimating June 10th to July 31st.
Once its done and launched the combined membership will go up $10. Anyone who purchases a combined membership before them will not see the increase and will be locked in at current pricing which is:
$49.95 for BOTH websites billed every 30 days
$39.95 for BOTH websites bill every 90 days as $119.85
Those are the ONLY two options for memberships that will get for free.
Using the other pages means you will be signing up for separate CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno accounts. You will have two usernames and passwords. Unfortunately having 2 separate accounts will not allow you to get for free. Our system can ONLY add Doctor-Tampa to the all access pass, not 2 individual memberships held by the same person.
If you currently have 2 separate accounts and would like to combine them to 1 so you can get for free, just reach out and I will work with you to move your account over. "Loyal Staff Member Rewards" will not be lost in moving you to the single account.
As always, email with any questions. Thank you to those who have already joined since the newsletters!
-Doctor Tampa