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November 2021 Newsletter To Staff Membersby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Mon, 22 November 2021

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses, and Patients!

I just wanted to reach out to let you know about all of the recent changes taking place behind and in front of the camera!

New Supplemental Survey Added!

While not ready to redo the surveys, I have some pressing questions I want your feedback on and have added a supplemental survey! There is a public version and a members only version. The supplemental survey can be found in the member area for members and the main page of the website for non members. If you take the survey from the member area of GGG, it's the same exact survey that's located in the member area of DT, CC, and BMM.

If you haven’t taken the normal surveys, please take them! Unlike the supplemental survey, the normal surveys do change on each website. Members, when you login to each website the landing page has your surveys. Non members, take the public survey on the main page of each website!

2nd PA & Nurse Hired!

In my open letter to fans, I said I wanted to hire full time production assistants and nurses. That started in 2020 with Jasmine Rose. Jasmine moved onto other opportunities but is currently back making new movies! When Jasmine left, she was replaced by Stacy Shepard. Stacy is still here, and I am proud to welcome a 2nd full time production assistant and nurse to the team! Nurse Morena will make her premier as a nurse in Rebel Wyatts “Stranger In The Night”, “The Pre Employment Physical, and a TSA agent in “TSAyyyy What Are You Doing”!

Having a 2nd full time PA will continue to help get movies ready sooner, keep sites updated, and play non nude roles in new movies! Nurse Morena will also help me to stay interactive with you amazing people by taking a lot of repetitive behind the scenes work off my daily schedule so I can focus on making more movies!

Previews Coming To ALL Sites!

Some of you noticed this week BuyMyMovies started having 1 minute previews added to all movies. This roll out will continue with ALL websites as I try to get our numbers over 400 staff members to get that 4th weekly release!

BuyMyMovies: New Release Log & Price Sheet Added

BMM now has a spreadsheet laying out pricing on the “New Release Schedule” page recently added due to member feedback! The spreadsheet shows you Clips4Sale pricing, original BMM token pricing, and new BMM token pricing with 40% savings from C4S pricing!

BuyMyMovies: You Can See Video Info & Previews While Logged In!

Thank you to those who brought this to my attention. My developer fixed this and now when you are logged into BMM you are able to see the movie preview and descriptions! 

Keep in mind, BMM movies have never been made available anywhere! Not Clips4Sale, not membership sites. But they will eventually end up as part of the new releases on the membership sites!

Clarification On Downloads For CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, GirlsGoneGyno

Loyal Staff Members can download unlimited videos without being banned. Everyone who isn’t a Loyal Staff Member can only stream videos like Netflix. That means 1 video at a time. Those who keep getting banned are not “Loyal Staff Members”. The people I am reminding not to download:

-Sign up for 1 month non recurring

-Use browser tools to try to download videos or launch 50 windows to screen capture videos

-Use up the same resources in 1 day that 40-50 normal members use

This is not normal behaviour no matter how much porn you watch. These aren’t fans, these are pirates trying to steal my movies to resell on the dark web for their own profit. These people are why my sites may run slow for short periods because they are attempting to use tons of resources. But that's where the website's security systems notices and bans them. 

Fans who use my websites in a normal manner of streaming 1 or 2 movies at a time have nothing to worry about. Loyal Staff Members have nothing to worry about. I’m strictly warning those who have joined with pirate intentions.

News Module Launched!

Up until now, Staff Members received updates on the websites via email and 1 long run on page. Those newsletter and website updates have now been moved into a news module on each website so it's easier to find out what the latest updates are!

New FAQ Page Launched!

Each website has a new FAQ page that has answers to common questions! It will be updated as more questions are asked as time goes on.

Still So Close To 400 Staff Members!

Currently we have 383 staff members as of this email. More Members = More Movies and we continue to flirt with just shy of 400 staff members! As soon as we hit 400 members the “New Release Schedules” on all membership sites will be redone to include the 4th weekly release and the newest models not yet listed on the membership release schedules will be mixed in! Currently, you can only see those models on! 

Thank you to all who have continued to support my kinky medfet art! I hope my American fans have a happy Thanksgiving! Happy holidays to all around the world!

-Doctor Tampa