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June 2020 Newsletter To Staff Members!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Fri, 26 June 2020

A BIG HELLO to all my Doctors, Nurses, and patients!

 I hope you have been well! I’m reaching out to inform you of the changes continuing to happen on both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno

 I’ve added all past and current members to my groups mailing list in Google so I can send out monthly updates without spam filters returning my emails constantly. Your email address is private and no one other than myself will see it. There's still no set date on the new website formats, but my programmer is working hard to get it done! Please take the new April 2020 surveys if you haven’t already. Your feedback helps drive changes to productions! 

Reformatted Movies:

On June 18th I surprised GirlsGoneGyno members with 30+ movies re-released to include NEVER BEFORE SEEN cervical and pelvic close up, patient monitor views, and behind the scenes footage. I also fixed issues in movies that fans brought to my attention! There will be another surprise update like this in July for the rest of the GirlsGoneGyno movies.

 Additionally, I’m working on reversing the movies I can. This will give you the close up camera as the full screen view, with a small picture in picture window with the patient's face. One of these has already been released on GirlsGoneGyno with more coming out sometime in July or August.

 Once GirlsGoneGyno movies are done being overhauled, CaptiveClinic will be next!

New Nurses Update:

I have hired a new nurse, Nurse Nyx, who works in the medical field and is starting to film new movies! I will step aside for some movies and she will be the only doctor in those movies!

Behind The Scenes:

Checkout my OnlyFans.Com/RealDoctorTampa for all the behind the scenes of my productions and life! There are uniform testing videos, girls getting orgasms at shows, events I’ve put on, failed takes, behind the scene shots, scene explanation and setup clips, and more! It’s only $5 to join!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

Custom’s & On Set Experiences:

In order to fund the new studio I recently began offering custom videos so you can direct your own fantasy! See the “Become A Director” section of either site.

 After Covid settles down in July I will begin to offer rental of my studio equipment and camera equipment so select fans can session with one of my approved nurses and star in their own personal movie!

I will also be offering “On Set Experiences” where you can come play extra parts in movies such as being a student intern, medical assistant, nurse, jail guard, TSA agent, or one of many other roles!

Did You Cancel Your Membership?

Don’t be shy, tell the doctor why! If there is a reason you are canceling your membership, please reach out and let me know the reason. While I never make promises, I do listen, and your feedback has always been instrumental in the changes I make. As I continue moving forward with new sets, new scripts, and new medical staff I need all the support of my REAL fans who join my sites and buy clips. So drop me a message! 

Thank you to all who have been a part of my clinic’s expansion! Even with Covid my old job has been calling me, asking me to come back for a 60-80 hour a week position. I don’t want to, and with your continued support, I can continue to keep my focus on entertaining you!

 Thank you so much for being a part of my kinky clinic!

Have a great weekend to all, and a safe 4th of July for those in America!

-Doctor Tampa