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April 2020 Newsletter To Staff Members!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Mon, 20 April 2020

April 2020 Update To All My Fans:

Thank you for those who have joined and stayed members! Your support is essential for my clinic to continue bringing you new videos on a weekly basis! I have heard another MedFet website may be closing their clinic's door. That is on top of the other MedFet websites that rarely post updates or don't post new updates. 

I can understand their closing as it has become hard to make new movies in this era of never-ending free porn. Additionally, while other businesses and individuals are receiving help from the Federal Government, they have SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTED ADULT ACTORS/COMPANIES FROM ANY HELP! If you enjoy my medical fetish films, please join and stay subscribed so I can continue to bring you new patients in new movies weekly! 

As some of you may know, I could be losing my home/studio over a sinkhole issue. The number of paying fans will dictate what kind of studio I can move into, which could happen as early as 2021. I have made enough movies that there will be no interruption in releases during this possible transition period. 

If you are interested in paying for an onset experience to see how my movies are made, reach out to There may also be a rare opportunity for an investor(s). 

If you haven't already, please take new surveys. There is one for member (inside of membership area) and one for non members.

About Downloads:

As many are aware I need to reach 300 members to open up unlimited downloads. 300 members will allow me to move into a quality studio space and keep pace with the frequency of updates, and possibly increase update frequency.

While membership numbers have fluctuated, they have risen and are over half of what I need them to be. There have been over 1,100 unique members since I started my websites, so I know we can hit 300 if another 15% of that 1,000 rejoined!

Behind the scenes, I'm working diligently with my back end provider on updates and upgrades to the websites in preparation for the conversion to the new website format. The new site will have a more NetFlix look/feel to it I’m told. I still do not have a timeline on when the new website will be launched, but my back end provider is estimating late 2020. The one positive to Covid-19 is we've had ample time to work on the new websites since we can't film!

If 300 members are hit are anytime, I will enable the sitewide downloads even if the new website format isn't complete.

What happens if we do not hit 300 members before the new website format is ready?

The new website will launch once its ready and tested regardless of membership numbers.

What if I want to join and download videos after hitting 300 members in 2020?

You will have to maintain an active membership for 9 months to enable downloads.

Why is there a waiting period?

To prevent pirates and others from downloading 12 years of my work in 1 month. I have VERY loyal fans who have been buying my movies for $1/minute for 10+ years. It's not fair to let anyone download all of my movies for a 1 month membership. Hence why I'm not opening up downloads for 1 month members but for those loyal members who continue to support the content they enjoy. Download are coming to entice real fans to stay subscribed, so I can continue to bring them new content.

So buy a recurring monthly or 6 month membership, renew it after the 6 months, and half way thru your second 6 months you can get unlimited downloads!

I look forward to making 2020 the year MedFet comes out in a BIG way!

-Doctor Tampa