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July 2021 Newsletter To Staff Members - Development Update!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Wed, 21 July 2021

Good afternoon to all of my Doctor, Nurses, & patients!

I'm reaching out to inform you of the changes continuing to happen on both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. You are receiving this email because you are either a current or past member of my websites. Your email address is private, and no one other than myself will see it. This email has been sent B.C.C. so you can respond, and no one will see your reply. Or email

Happy July to you all! Though few know my actual birthday, it's one of the few days left in July. Yes, I'm Leo :)

The best gift I could get is having 400 staff members by the end of July! 3,000+ people will get this email, so it's doable!

But if you want to get me a gift, checkout my Amazon wish list:

Sorry I have been a little MIA the past few weeks. I got sick and it turns out I got Covid so I was under the weather for a few weeks. But I’m finally better and getting back to work full time!

New Media Servers Added:

Of course while I was sick with Covid, I received numerous emails from fans telling me they were getting “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

I got together with my web developer to find out what the issue was. It turns out because my videos are so long and large, all of you wonderful fans who enjoy my medfet movies were eating up all the bandwidth causing movies to not load. Never fear, Doctor Tampa is here! I paid to add a bunch of new media servers and increased the bandwidth. I also had bandwidth restrictions lifted for each account.

All of these changes combined should have everyone streaming movies without any issue! However, if you are still getting that error, please reach out to me. I can only fix problems I know about and want to keep all of my members happily enjoying my movies, so please reach out anytime you have issues!

Custom Movies:

I haven’t made any new movies in a few months since I’ve been busy behind the scenes working to get past movies edited and out. That is time consuming work I have been training a PA how to do.

So I know I’ve let some customs requests go by the wayside. BUTT, I am gearing up to make a ton of new movies in the next couple of months! So if you want to do a custom movie, reach back out! I will be going through old emails and following up as well.

We hit some developmental delays since we are building a completely new platform for the sites to run on. Plus I’ve been sick. But we are back on track, working on building everything, and have an August launch goal. So if you want to get for free, make sure you have the DUAL membership. If you are not sure if you have the dual membership, just email us for clarification!

WTF Is $Clov?

In June some of you may have noticed my Twitter was taken over by talk of $Clov. Then my pornhub/xvideos/xhamster was taken over with $Clov as well. Why?

Well I started trading in meme stocks earlier this year as a way to invest the new studio money to get the new studio built way quicker. I have since moved my investments into 1 stock, Clover Health. Clover Health is a technology company which went into the health insurance business. After doing my research, I believe they will drive the future of medicare by using technology to deliver better care than current insurers.

If you want to learn more or join me on every night at 8pm eastern as I discuss Clover Health. Feel free to invest and hold your shares with me. I want to make my dream medical fetish studio happen in a year or two, and this is how I’m planning on doing it!

If you are going to get into stocks, DO NOT use RobinHood. I HIGHLY recommend WeBull or Public App. If you join WeBull, use this link to get free stocks when you sign up:

I think that wraps up the changes as of late. We are still over 300 members and working toward 400 to unlock a 4th WEEKLY update! Please take the surveys on the websites if you haven’t already.

I’m hard at work so I can continue to deliver the BEST medical fetish movies ever for your viewing pleasure! Thank you to everyone who supports my kinky clinics, I wouldn’t be here without you!

-Doctor Tampa