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An Extra Note About The Surveyby Doctor Tampa

Posted on Mon, 29 March 2021

BIG THANK YOU to the dirty dozen who signed up today after receiving the March Newsletter!

I wanted to send a quick follow up email regarding the survey. I migrated the surveys from SurveyMonkey to GSuite Workspace because 2 weeks ago SurveyMonkey suddenly limited how many responses I could see with my grandfathered in account. They changed their terms and wanted me to upgrade to a $1,200 year account which. I’d rather buy 2 patient monitors every year than spend that to collect surveys. Thankfully I have just analysed the surveys about 2 weeks before they put that limit on my account so not much was lost. FYI, I do analyze the surveys about once a month.

So seeing as GSuite already manages my email accounts, mailing lists, documents, and the spreadsheets I use to interpret the surveys I just decided to move the surveys over to Google Forms. I am personally not nuts about Google, but at the end of the day I have saved much time and headaches by switching everything over to Google GSuite. I recommend it if you run a business online. Best $6/month you can spend!

With all of that said, a number of people emailed back out saying Google was requiring them to sign in to take the surveys and they didn’t want to do that. I completely understand and respect that. I have disabled the sign in to be able to take the survey. It will require you to enter your email address, but that is so you can edit your responses if your opinions change over the next year before I do the next round of surveys.

If you want you can put in a fake email address, but I do very much like knowing what members are making what suggestions so if you don’t mind please use real email addresses. But if you don’t feel comfortable, enter a fake email and take the survey. You taking the survey is more important than your email address being real. I do kindly ask you only take 1 version of the survey and only take it 1 time. I’m looking for honest feedback and not skewed results. If you are a member, take your “Staff Members Only” survey on your main page when you login and not the “Non-Member” survey. If you are not a current member please take the “Non-Member” survey on the main page.

BTW I did just purchase a BRAND NEW 12” display patient monitor with 5 leads. I’m currently trying to figure out how to change the noises so it beeps correctly so please excuse the Raya Bennett movies that will come out where it's beeping incorrectly.

Thank you again to all you wonderful people who allow me to do this awesome job day in and day out to keep you entertained with the hottest patients on some of the best medical sets on the internet! Keep signing up & staying subscribed and I promise my movies will only continue to improve!

-Doctor Tampa