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Thank You For Making 2021 The Best Year Possible! Last Email, I Swear!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Thu, 30 December 2021

After nearly a month of no emails from me, I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing from me so much in the past week. So I promise this will be the last email of the year! Which isn’t saying much since New Year's Eve is tomorrow!

As of this email we are at 386 staff members, just 14 shy of the 400 needed by the ball drop! For those wondering why the numbers displayed on the websites went up and then down, unfortunately both yesterday and today we lost a total of 12 staff members who did not renew.

I’ve reached out personally to those who in December opted to not renew or who were cancelled by Verotel because of credit card issues. Thank you to those who have rejoined and thank you to all who have stayed staff members!

Your loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. I’ll get into that shortly, but in my opinion, 2021 was an epic year for medical fetish!

#1 - January 1st, 2021 there were only 167 staff members. We are ending the year with over double that number! Hopefully the staff continues to grow at the same rate in 2022 so by the end of 2022 I can break ground on my 10,000 dream studio with sets I’ve spent a decade conceiving! This studio will have all of the supporting sets to help tell the fuller story of each patient. This will include a school room, court room, interrogation room, detention facility, strip club/bar, dungeon, dormitory and much more! It will include massively expanded medical sets with dental exam room, padded rooms that backup to surgical suit, x-ray room, operating theater with overhead viewing area, hospital room, assorted exam rooms, waiting room, group shower/hydrotherapy room, and so much more! Plus it will have hallways with medical, institutional, jail, and school themes. This studio will give me one seamless facility so you can watch a movie from start to finish as we move room to room without any cuts! It will also give me the ability to broadcast what's happening at the studio on the websites LIVE!

#2 - In addition to staff membership doubling, 2021 saw the doubling of my websites with the launch of the long overdue October 1st and November 1st! 

#3 - In June new weekly releases increased from 2 to 3 as we hit 300 staff members! New weekly release could still end up doubling to 4 this year if we have 400 members by ball drop!

#4 - “Loyal Staff Member Rewards” was conceived and launched during 2021, offering a free month every 12 paid months and UNLIMITED downloads of videos for personal consumption to those who stay continuously subscribed for 270 days or longer!

#5 - 2021 saw the addition of a full time nurse, Stacy Shepard, in April as well as a full time production assistant in October to work in the background editing/posting so I can focus on production with Stacy!

#7 - Additional websites were conceived and we began the process of shooting/development in 2021! 2022 will see the amount of websites once again double with the launch of SuckThePolice, HitachiHoes, BlastABitch, as well as GuysGoneGyno which will be a male patient website that will include straight/bi/gay patients. I was the 1st patient for non binary faceless medical perverts extracting the semen from my helpless body!

#8 - 2021 marked my own decision to deplatform myself after OnlyFans deleted my account without warning as the adult industry continues to undergo changes due to Mastercard. I took it in stride and took total control of my content distribution by building my own Clips4Sale like site,, and am developing a OnlyFans like site, Now I can’t be deleted overnight by a platform without warning. It also helped reduce the cost to buy, own and download clips by 40% while allowing me to control my distribution and also protect the identity of my performers, some of whom are real doctors and nurses. These projects could grow into platforms to compete with C4S and OF in 2022 which could help fund the new studio in a big way!

#9 - The additional revenue from staff members in 2021 helped to ensure I can continue to work for you full time while allowing me to expand into more 2 patient movies, hire a full time nurse & production assistant and buy a TON of new equipment from toys to medical instruments to cameras to a brand new patient monitor! The latest addition will be here in less than 2 weeks, a transvaginal ultrasound machine! I’m also ordering a 2nd patient monitor as I begin to shoot more and more movies with 2 patients! Anything that hasn’t been spent on production/expansion has been invested until I have enough to bring the new studio to fruition! Yes I’m still purchasing $Clov!

Will We Hit 400 Staff Members?

I know that's the question many of you are asking. Unfortunately my crystal ball is on backorder (Thanks Amazon) so that all depends on those who are currently not active staff members. But since I’m known for punishing patients and not staff members, I want to reward those who did everything you could to help get those bonus releases out.

We had 361 staff members when I sent out the email about the 60 extra releases. If we fall short of 400, I will still release 1 movie segment for every staff member above 361. So if we have 386 at ball drop, I will release 25 of the 60 bonus releases!

PLUS I’m extending the timeline by a week. If we can hit 400 staff members by the end of the 1st week, I’ll release the remaining balance of those 60 new releases! BUTT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! will also remain the same price until January 8th. Continuing to see the same staff member growth in 2022 is instrumental to my larger vision for medical fetish so I want to do everything I can to incentivise you to become and stay a staff member. This includes the ability for loyal staff members to come watch/participate in production once the new studio is built!

100000% MedFet Focused!

When I left my job of 17 years In November 2019, my websites weren’t generating enough money to pay my bills, let alone upgrade equipment while increasing the frequency of updates in the way I have over 2021. But many of you saw the vision I laid out in a December 2019 email that eventually led to my open letter and comprehensive plan to make medfet movies in ways not yet done. You joined my clinics and supported me while friends and family told me I was crazy for leaving that kind of job security.

I always say I have impeccable timing in my life. I’d have been out of work 5 months later when the pandemic hit. Instead I spent that 5 months unknowingly preparing my websites for a time when people needed the internet and entertainment more than ever.

So with support from an amazing and diverse group of like minded individuals I don’t foresee myself having to return to a traditional line of work. In 2021, for the first time since I started making movies out of my own deviant self interest back in 2008, I ended the year with a profit! Which was invested in more equipment and more $Clov at $3.80. With the continued support of you amazing people I certainly think by mid 2022 I can start drawing up more formal plans for the new studio that will be shared with you!

Everything I do is with the long term medical fetish plan in mind. I’m 100000% dedicated to medical fetish as it's my personal fetish and have no interest in becoming a mainstream or ever selling out to a mainstream company. The new sites under development will bring new fans in so we can introduce them to medfet while those new staff members help fund the new studio! The new sites will have scenes shot just for those sites, but for example, HitachiHoes will also include every Hitachi scene cut from my medfet movies! So we will be brainwashing the world into medfet thru what they think is mainstream content! But I just want to reaffirm to my staff members that medfet is my sole interest and I’m doing everything that's legal and within my morals to make this new studio a reality in 2022!

Thank you so much for supporting my kinky art no matter how big or small your support has been! I look forward to seeing what 2022 holds for our staff! Have a safe, fun, and prosperous New Year!

-Doctor Tampa

P.S. I have booked our 1st pregnant patient who will be 7.5 months when we film her! Reach out if you would like a custom movie made!