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October 2021 Newsletter To Staff Members - OFFICIAL Launch!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Fri, 1 October 2021

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses and Patients!

I hope you have been well as we roll into the Halloween season! has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED on October 1st! is now complete and its initial launch movie catalog completely uploaded! 52 FULL MOVIES, 18 of which are BRAND NEW movies never made available on or! Additionally, today's launch starts the releasing of 3 new weekly updates as well as the posting of the official “New Release Schedule”!

Vasha Valentine’s Yearly Checkup is 1st up on the schedule and is currently processing but should be live this evening!

SO Close To 400 Members & A 4th Weekly Release On All 3 Websites!

We hit 393 staff members this week before dipping like the Dow down to 381. With your continued support in October we should cross over that 400 staff member mark giving all 3 websites a 4th weekly release! That's 6 hours of brand new quality medfet movies EVERY WEEK for multipass members!

GirlsGoneGyno Logo Redesign Complete

What do you think? I’ve attached the new logo!

Series Coming To GirlsGoneGyno & Captive Clinic

As you may have noticed a “Series” button appeared on Doctor-Tampa today as part of the official launch. The series feature developed and launched on to better help organize movie series and is coming to CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno in the next week! Hopefully this will allow you to better maneuver the 100’s of medical fetish movies I have made for you to enjoy!

OnlyFans Replacement Is Here! - See the latest behind the scenes of shoots here! This is all new BTS, I am not posting anything you’ve previously seen on OnlyFans at this time. - Go follow me for free! - Go follow Nurse Stacy Shepard for free, she is going to be doing AVN Star instead of OnlyFans. Look for her posting her own content this week as well as exclusive previews of what's coming to my websites!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

New Storylines Are Being Filmed

Channy Crossfire filmed a brand new GirlsGoneGyno series “Do They Really Health Care About You?” with catheterization & urethral sound which leads into a brand new CaptiveClinic series “Taken: By Your Government”. Both of these movies should be out in 2022. Rina Arem just shot 2 brand new GirlsGoneGyno series called “My Neighbor Is My 1st Gynecologist?” and “The Virginity Clinic”. Rina also shot the 1st “Strangers In The Night” where we show the whole back story before she wakes up in the exam room, and it's the 1st that's been filmed from BOTH my POV AND the nurses POV!

Another new CaptiveClinic series that we haven’t filmed is “Ward of The State”. Other new GirlsGoneGyno series we haven’t filmed are “A Strange New World”, “Examine My Hooters”, and “My Neighbors My Doctor”.

Direct Your Own Custom MedFet Movie

Through the end of the year I will have a ton of new models coming into my clinic to become patients! If you want to direct your own custom movie, just email back and ask to be added to the “Customs Mailing List” to get emails about upcoming patients or check the photo section of my websites!

Downloads Are ONLY For “Loyal Staff Members

This is a reminder that all of my websites are “streaming only” unless you become a “Loyal Staff Member” by keeping your membership active for 9 continuous months. This past week I banned a staff member who tried to download my websites using software. I emailed them to remind them this is a violation of the TOS and that's why my security system had issued a temporary ban on their account.

My websites have security measures in place to catch unusual activity and issue bans for varying lengths of time due to this abnormal activity. 99.9% of you have experienced these bans and have reached out have been great and respectful as I’ve explained downloads are not available to new members. This member became rude and instead of understanding they tried their best to insult me. I have thick skin and don’t take banning staff members lightly, but will not tolerate abusive language when I’m simply trying to offer support but thankfully this has been the extreme exception. This is just a friendly reminder to all to please use my website in a normal manner for a streaming website. The only enhanced browsing experience we allow is the use of NORDVPN.

Blacklist of Mainstream Models

Some of you who follow GirlsGoneGyno on Twitter may have seen my announcements over the past month that I will be blacklisting mainstream models. Why am I doing this? As some of you have found out through more personal emails, I have over 100 mainstream adult models I’ve been trying to shoot for over a year. They have run me in circles, left me on read, and ignored my attempts to book and follow up on booking. Worse yet, all who have booked ended up flaking with no call no shows to their prepaid flight I get them.

This has become VERY costly, time consuming and irritating at best. Ultimately none of the models I’ve booked in the past year have been mainstream models. In fact, I’ve never been able to shoot any mainstream models. IF they end up booking, they end up flaking.

The mainstream models you are familiar with such as Carmen Valentina and Daisy Ducati were shot before they became big names and were very easy to book and work with so I certainly don’t lump them in with the mainstream models I’ve been trying to book as of late who have strung me along to book. Despite direct messages and tweets, continuing to attempt to book them just wasted time. None of them booked.

So I am returning to my roots of shooting brand new models as well as fetish models. Many of the models you know and love on my websites are exclusive to my websites, they only became patients because they love my concept and vision! I have had amazing success booking these types of models, and these models have given all of us the realest and best medical fetish movies we could all hope for as their reactions and actions are real, not years of learned pornoacting.

I will continue to film sex scene, but GirlsGoneGyno will remain relatively sexless and CaptiveClinic will continue to have multiple movies with each model that doesn’t have sex scenes. 

This decision will save a TON of time chasing down models who ultimately won’t become patients anyway. From all of my communications with my fans on a more personal level I think the overwhelming majority of you agree with this decision. 

If mainstream models reach out to me about working together I will still attempt to book them, but I will no longer cold call upon mainstream models since it has not resulted in a single booking.

Join All 3 Of My Websites For A Little As $39.95/month!

Just a reminder you can get,, and for $39.95/month when you pay 3 months at a time. After 9 months of being a member you qualify for unlimited downloads of movies as long as they are for your personal consumption and not to share with anyone, paid or for free.


As always, not investment advice or a financial advisor, but I’m buying as much $Clov as I can, especially at what I consider a steal of a price. I may not have the time to broadcast from Twitch like I did in July, but I’m hodling and investing weekly! Every dollar you spend with me that doesn’t go to bills, equipment, or models is being invested into Clover Health to ironically fund my dream 10,000 sqft medical/hospital production studio. You can read about the studio I will be building in my open letter to fans. "Loyal Staff Members" will be able to visit or become extras once the studio is built. I see Clov as a way to bring this to fruition sooner. Invest with me if you decide on your own that you want to, not because I’m investing. Do your own DD at

Clov or not, I only need around 1,000 members to make the studio a reality so a BIG THANK YOU to all past, present, and future who support my clinical endeavours! A year ago today there were 154 staff members. Today there are 381 staff members. If membership continues at the same growth rate we will be breaking ground by the end of 2022 as I have been anticipating. Hopefully by March 2022 I will be sharing a more formal plan for the studio other than what's been shared in my open letter.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I can’t wait to meet my "Loyal Staff Members" in real life one day on set!

-Doctor Tampa