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October 2020 Newsletter To Staff Members!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 27 October 2020

October 2020 Update To All Members & Fans

Happy almost Halloween to all my Doctors, Nurses, and patients!

I’m reaching out to inform you of the changes continuing to happen on both CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. You are receiving this email because you are either a current or past member of my websites.

Custom Movies:

Now taking orders for customs! Limited production time slots available!

Nov 3rd to 15th - Porn Star @LennaLuxxx (on Twitter) will be here as a nurse and shooting custom clips

Nov 4th to 7th - Short mixed model will be here shooting videos as a patient, and I have 1-time slot left for customs

Nov 11th to 14th - Paid of mixed models will be here shooting as patients, and I have 2-time slots left for customs

 New Reward Program Launch A Success!

”Loyal Member Rewards” has rolled out much to the pleasure of my patient loyal fans! Join now and keep your membership in good standing to get unlimited downloads after 9 months and 1 free month every year!

All the details can be found here.

Everyone MAY still have UNLIMITED downloads by the end of this year! Membership continues to grow, and if membership hits 300 in a month by the end of 2021, I will open up unlimited downloads to all 300 active members!

New Movies:

New movies are scheduled well into 2021 for both websites! As I continue to shoot new models, such as Stefania Mafra last week, those new movies will be moved up on the release schedule to ensure more variety to the models whose videos are being released.

Behind The Scenes:

Checkout my OnlyFans.Com/RealDoctorTampa for all the behind the scenes of my productions and life! There are uniform testing videos, girls getting orgasms at adult trade shows, GirlsGoneGyno events I’ve put on, failed takes, behind the scene shots, scene explanation and setup clips, and more! It’s only $5 to join, and you get a personal shout out and a clip uploaded for joining and another each month you stay subscribed!

October 2021 UPDATE: OnlyFans permenantly suspended Doctor Tampa October 2021. Visit JustFor.Fans/DoctorTampa until Doctor Tampa launches his BTS on own platform in 2022!

 Did You Cancel Your Membership?

Don’t be shy, tell the doctor why! If there is a reason you are canceling your membership, please reach out and let me know the reason. While I never make promises, I listen, and your feedback has always been instrumental in the changes I make. As I continue moving forward with new sets, new scripts, and new medical staff, I need all the support of my REAL fans like you who join my sites and buy clips. So drop me a message!

 Thank you so much for being a part of my kinky clinic! Hope everyone has a fun, scary, but safe Halloween!

-Doctor Tampa