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Congratulations On 399 Staff Members! Almost there!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Wed, 5 January 2022

Good evening to all my Doctors, Nurses, and patients!

My apologies to any members for all but 4 videos disappearing for a few hours today. I was cleaning up duplicate model profiles in the wee hours after an 18 hour day of programming. I accidentally deleted my (Doctor Tampa) main model profile. Because I was the main model of every video, and my profile was now deleted, the software stopped displaying any video I was in! But while sipping my morning coffee I noticed the problem.

The main reason I am building my own platforms is so that no platform can delete me without warning overnight. But I didn’t take my sleepy self into account and accidentally deleted myself overnight! Ohhh the irony is not lost! Was I subconsciously feeling self-destructive? Haha no, I love what I do, so I tend to work 12-18 hour days and sometimes keep going after I should have gone to bed! Thankfully my websites back up every hour so I quickly launched a backup copy!

Congratulations Are Much Deserved!

Congratulations on hitting 399 staff members today! Unfortunately at 8 pm every day those who are leaving our clinic walk out the door until they decide to return. But we are still sitting at 395 staff members! That's the highest end-of-the-day staff count yet! So will 5 new staff members please stand up? We need your assistance STAT so glove in and help us treat patients!

I’ve already redone the new release schedule because I am that confident I will be emailing you on January 9th to inform you that the 4th weekly release schedule has been posted and that 45 additional movies have been added to in 1 day!

No, You Are Not Seeing Things

If you have been on any of the websites in the past few days you may notice little things changing everywhere. I am doing early spring cleaning to give the websites a less cluttered look. This includes:

-Moving all of the info on the main page of the websites to the sidebar

-Removing XVideos previews 98% of videos now have 1-minute previews attached to them

-Changing all websites text to Arial and redoing all movie descriptions to make them easier on the eyes

-Updating “Tag Cloud” to actually work. Currently tags only work on a handful of videos as I waited for my developer to redo coding to allow tags to be multiple words, not just 1 word.

Some if changes multiple times as I test how it looks on both google chrome and a phone. All of this is being done to make it easier to browse the websites and find movies relevant to the examinations and actions you want to see performed on patients!

BuyMyMovies Will Fully Replace Clips4Sale

After your feedback on the supplemental survey, I will be adding my entire catalog of movies to BuyMyMovies as we overhaul everything on CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno that I just mentioned. This is being started this evening and we anticipate about 2 weeks to complete the overhauls. That means 100% of my catalog in circulation will be available for purchase and download ala carte on BuyMyMovies at a 40-45% savings over Clips4Sale and ManyVids!

I could go on about the other changes coming this year but I’ve got a massive amount of work ahead of me. So I’ll let it be big surprises over the next few months! One thing you may like hearing is I am in the process of hiring a 2nd full-time nurse to assistant Doctor Stacy Shepard in treating patients as I move to make more all-female cast movies! The new nurse is Yesenia Youso. Look for Yesenia’s movies as a patient along side Angel Santana in February on BuyMyMovies! Yesenia should make her 1st movies as Nurse Youso in mid-January gloved in along Stacy Shepard!

While we lose staff members daily, more of you amazing people have been joining and our staff membership increases daily! Thank you so much for your overwhelming support that took staff membership from 340 on December 15th to almost 400 today!

I look forward to all the potential that 2022 holds for me and my staff!

-Doctor Tampa