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The Pre-Employment Physical - Stacy Shepard - Part 1 of 2

With Behind The Scenes

These are Stacy Shepard’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast!

This movie is a custom-written and directed movie by a director who wished to remain anonymous. This movie stars Doctor Jasmine Rose and Nurse Raven Rogue examining Stacy Shepard. Thank you from our clinic’s entire staff to our anonymous director for choosing our clinic to fulfill your personal medical fetish movie fantasy!

Directors Summary For Movie Base On A Real Life Experience:

A new job requires a pre-employment physical exam.  She assumed it would be a simple in-and-out type deal.  Never "assume"!  The very first part was a substance use (tinkle) test.  Not necessary to show.  

The patient will be wearing casual jeans or khakis, a pair of low (ankle type boots), socks, and a neat blouse or shirt.

The video will start with the patient being led into the exam room by a nurse (in normal medical scrubs).  Hop onto the exam table, and the nurse reviews the health history.  Take BP and temp.  Now instructed to strip down to her bra and panties, including her socks for her height and weight.  Onto the scale facing forward for weight and turn around for her height.  (Please show a complete shot of this from head to feet).  Now back to the exam table, where she is given an exam gown and is instructed to remove her bra.  The nurse says the doctor should be right in.  

A knock on the door, and a female doctor (if possible) enters and introduces herself.  The exam is pretty standard for a stethoscope on the chest and back with deep breaths.  Check the eyes and ears, and neck area. She is told to lie back at a 45-degree angle with her feet up on the table extension.  A breast exam (which she wasn't expecting).  Both arms and hands are examined.  Checked her abdomen and hips. Her legs are examined one at a time all the way down to her feet.  Each foot is examined, including checking in between her toes and the bottoms of each foot.  Each leg is now pushed towards her chest for mobility.  She is now sitting back up, and the leg extension is put back in.  Neuro check started with her elbow reflexes, then her knee and ankle reflexes.  And the doctor picked up each foot and checked her Babinski reflexes.  

She was now told to stand, reach down, and touch her toes as her spine was examined.  Now she had to stand on one foot then the other.  And now walk across the room first normal stride then back heel to toe.  Stand on her toes, then on her heels.  Back onto the table, the doctor will fill out her chart for a minute.  Says all set and good luck with her new job and walks out.  The nurse will tell her that she can get dressed and leave the gown on the exam table (getting dressed on camera, please), and she can check out with reception.

Directors Review Of Final Movie:

Morning Doc,

The video came out fantastic!!  Better than I could have imagined!!  TY so much!!  

All involved did a great and realistic job!!

The nurse in the pink scrubs -Nurse Raven, I believe.  Is she available in the near future to perhaps switch to the patient role in the near future?  Or is she just play the nurse?

TY again!

Model: Doctor Jasmine Rose, Nurse Raven Rogue, Stacy Shepard

Posted: Mon, 7 March 2022  Views: 3105

Series: The Pre Employment Physical