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Orgasm Research, Inc. - Lainey - Part 3 of 3

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Patient Monitor Camera + Behind The Scenes

These are Lainey’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Doctor Tampa then moves to the head of the table, putting the stethoscope on Lainey's ears, letting her hear how powerful the vibrating device inside of her is.

Doctor Tampa starts running through the various settings on the device, asking for Lainey to give her opinion of each one. Finding one that she calls excellent, he tells her that he will leave it on that setting for a few minutes to see how it affects her and if they can achieve orgasm number 10.

After snapping on a fresh pair of gloves, the doctor begins caressing Lainey's pelvic area and legs, helping to push her into orgasm number 10. Suddenly, her heart rate drops as the doctor notices one of her leads has come off. 

He reconnects her to the patient monitor before moving to the head of the table, beginning to caress her breasts, helping his patient achieve her 10th orgasm! Suddenly, Lainey's hips start to gyrate and thrust as she comes to the brink of her 11th orgasm!

Moving back in between her legs, the doctor uses his gloved fingers to caress the lips of her vagina and clitoris, slowly and softly stroking it. Lainey lets out several loud gasps, moaning as she hits her 12th orgasm! She tells the doctor that she needs some clitoral stimulation to help her continue to achieve more orgasms, so the doctor obliges, caressing, and finessing her clitoral hood.  

Lainey's breathing becomes erratic as the 12th and most powerful orgasm yet shake her body!

Barely able to speak, Lainey tells the doctor, "I've never had so many orgasms, and they seem to get more intense and are coming quicker each time I cum!"

"That's how they typically go. Orgasms roll in back-to-back if we keep you stimulated," the doctor replies, fondling her breasts, as Lainey moans loudly, climaxing for the 13th time in about 30 minutes! Looking in the camera, Lainey couldn't have imagined this was what she signed up for. Despite the overstimulation, she's very much enjoying her “college experience.”

Turning his attention back to making her climax, the doctor asked Lainey if she had hit her 14th orgasm, to which she said, ”I honestly can't tell...”

As the doctor begins to prepare another device, Lainey suddenly starts to orgasm once more. "Oh, you're having another one?" says the doctor. "Yeahhhh, just came out of nowhere," she replies.

As the doctor repositions the camera, Lainey tries to gather herself as much as possible. "Did we hit 14?" ask the doctor as he touches the Hitachi onto Lainey's clitoris. “I thinkkkk sooooo yeahhhhhhh,” screams Lainey as she starts to moan from the extra power of the Hitachi on her clit.

Removing the Hitachi momentarily, Lainey starts to thrash and turn on the table once the doctor reapplies it to her most sensitive part. With such overstimulation, her body can't help but contract from another orgasm as she screams out, "15!"

“Let's go for 16!” exclaims the doctor, grabbing and manipulating one of her breasts while continuing to stimulate her clitoris with the Hitachi. Lainey lets out several big moans as the patient monitor starts dinging before Lainey gasps to say, "16."

Taking a moment to breathe while on the brink of her 17th orgasm, only seconds after number 16, she asks, “Doctor, will you pull my hair?" With one hand on the Hitachi, he uses his other to grab the back of her head, making Lainey moan. "I like the constant stimulation with the vibrator,” she screams as she reaches her 17th orgasm.

The doctor continues pulling her hair with one hand and using the Hitachi with his other. She lets out an even larger moan within a few seconds as she has her 18th orgasm!

Now her orgasms are coming back to back, just as the doctor predicted. Suddenly, Lainey screams out, "20!" The doctor says, "What happened to 19?" "They came so back-to-back I had 19 just seconds after 18 and 20 just a few seconds later," she replies.

Not relenting with the stimulation, Lainey begins moving and contorting all over the table, screaming, "Holyshiyyytttt! Holyyy fuckkkkkhhhh!!!!" as she continues right into orgasm 21!

Lainey has literally had four orgasms within not much more than a minute and suddenly begins lifting herself up off the table, screaming she's working on number 22!

Doctor Tampa continues to finesse the Hitachi wand against her sensitive clitoris, making Lainey dance all over the table as she tries to control herself. But her mind is no match for her body, and she relents, letting orgasm 23 overtake her body only seconds later!

"Now you see the need for the restraints," jokes the doctor. "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh," says Lainey, her body continuing to give in as she climaxes to her 24th orgasm!

Noticing one of the leads has come off again, the doctor mounts the Hitachi onto a stand so Lainey can continue to be stimulated, but now both of his hands will be free to apply other forms of stimulation! He reconnects the lead to her just as she begins to be on the edge of her 25th orgasm.

“Ohhhhh God, I can only imagine the stupid faces I've been making!” says Lainey, thinking out loud. "Don't worry, we have them on film, and we will see them later,” jokes the doctor, having to once again reattach the lead to the patient monitor.

Doctor Tampa walks to the other side of the table and starts playing with and stimulating Lainey's nipples. After a few seconds, he walks over to a cabinet, grabbing something before returning to the side of the table. "What is that?” ask Lainey.  “We're just going to try some additional stimulation up here,” says the doctor, as he places vibrating nipple clamps on her. ”AHHHHHHH!!!!!!”  screams Lainey as she achieves another orgasm.

“You're giving my insides work out with all this convulsing,” says Lainey. “How do those vibrating nipple clamps feel?” ask the doctor. "Wonderful," says Lainey, "But you can make the clamps tighter!” As the doctor tightens them, Lainey lets out an "OHHHHH YEAHHHHH” before announcing she is about to hit her 27th orgasm!

After she cums, the doctor adjusts the Hitachi and turns it on high, telling her, "Let's go for 28!". "I didn't even think this was possible," exclaims Lainey as her body begins to shake and contort on the exam table once again.

The doctor moves behind the table, pressing a button. As the hydraulic motors come to life, the back of the table begins to move, making Lainey sit upright so the camera can get a better view of her face. Just as the motors come to a stop, she lets out a big cry and screams, "28!"

Moving back in between her splayed legs, he picks up the remote. He switches the internal probe to a different setting while also beginning to caress her legs with his gloved hands. 

Within seconds Lainey reaches her 29th orgasm, and only a few brief seconds after that climaxes once more! Lainey has just had at least 30 orgasms in less than an hour, and her body can't take anymore! 

She tries to slide her pelvic area off the Hitachi so it won't stimulate her clit anymore. The doctor moves it back onto her clit, before Lainey just collapses onto the table, sliding all the way down, saying that she can't take any more stimulation! She apologizes to the doctor, as he asks her if she can do any more stimulation.

"I don't think so,” says a drained Lainey, as she gasps to catch her breath. ”Even the air is stimulating!”

"Well, I will say, 30 orgasms in one hour, I don't know if it's a record here, but it's certainly one of our higher counts," says Doctor Tampa.

“I didn't even think it was possible,” says Lainey, “I feel inebriated after all of that stimulation.”

The doctor begins removing her restraints, and the patient monitor leads, telling her, "I can't even imagine the amount of energy that research just took out of you. As a male, I can't even imagine being able to imagine coming even 30 times in a week.” As he slowly withdraws the internal probe from her, Lainey lets out several moans.

Now that the research is complete, the doctor conducts an exit interview for the study. He asks Lainey how her experience was and documents that no damage was done to her vagina during the study, for insurance purposes. 

After thanking her for participating, Doctor Tampa takes her back to her belongings so Lainey can dress and go home for what one could only assume would be a very restful night of rest.

Model: Doctor Tampa, Lainey, Nurse Lilith Rose

Posted: Fri, 21 August 2020  Views: 8999

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