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Jasmine Rose's Immigration Physical - Part 2 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

These are Jasmine Rose’s 1st Adult Movies EVER! Series - Based on stories of green card applicants having to undergo a mandatory physical examination at the gloved hands of immigration doctors misusing their position of power over their foreign patients.

Jasmine Rose has been working hard at gaining her citizenship. She reached the point where she had to get her immigration physical. “Why does it matter,” is all she can think. “I’ve been here for years! It’s not like I’m just coming into this country!” But alas, it's part of her requirement for citizenship, so she heads to the medical center early for her appointment.

Jasmine’s let into the exam room, where she waits for the doctor. She paces around the room, wondering what this examination will entail. Finally, Doctor Tampa walks in. They exchange pleasantries before the doctor instructs her to disrobe. Jasmine undresses as the doctor remains in the room while opting not to give her a gown. “They just get in my way, plus I’m going to see it all at some point,” the doctor says as Jasmine undresses.

Doctor Tampa measures Jasmine's height and weight before showing her to the examination chair. He hooks her up to the B. pressure machine while taking her forehead and oral temp. Shining his penlight in her eyes, he performs an ENT exam while his patient sits completely nude, trying to cover her cold body and preserve a little of her dignity.

The doctor listens to Jasmine'sheart and lungs before putting the table back and auscultating Jasmine's breasts extensively as part of her examination. He examines her breasts twice, with her arms at her side and again with them over her head. Jasmine is taken aback by this but needs to complete this physical to get her citizenship.

Once Doctor Tampa is done fondling Jasmine’s breasts, he looks over her body, studying her multiple tattoos before grabbing a camera. One by one, he takes photographs of each of her tattoos, explaining he has to document them as part of her examination. Jasmine is absolutely humiliated by this!

After the doctor completely humiliates Jasmine with his impromptu photoshoot of her completely nude body, he moves to the end of the exam table to conduct a foot exam. He does a Babinski reflex test and capillary nail refill test before having her grab his fingers with his toes. Grabbing her leg, he begins a musculoskeletal exam before moving on to his favorite part, the pelvic exam! 

Jasmine lays on the table completely naked and freezing cold as this strange doctor closely inspects every part of her vagina and reproductive organs with his fingers and eventually a speculum! 

Jasmine lets out a yelp as the speculum penetrates her beautiful little Latina pussy. Just when she thinks she cannot be any more humiliated by this examination, Doctor Tampa informs her that she will have to tinkle into a cup!

After he sits in between her legs watching the catch of her tinkle, Jasmine's convinced that must be it and is ready to go home and hopefully forget today's events. But the doctor isn't done and has her turn over before getting onto her hands and knees. She’s not sure what's about to happen as she waits in the knee to test position, hearing the doctor snap on a fresh pair of gloves.

After much waiting, Jasmine finally lets out a loud gasp as the doctor's gloves lubricated and cold fingers penetrate her anus. “I didn’t know what you were doing!” she exclaims as Doctor Tampa sticks a finger inside of her vagina, feeling the tissue separating her beautiful little holes!

With the rectovaginal exam complete, the doctor lets the chair down so Jasmine can dress and pretend like today never happened. But at least she will finally be a citizen, so it's a small price to pay in hindsight!

Jasmine just can’t but wonder if the Canadian patients have to undergo the same ordeal. They do Jasmine if they come to Doctor Tampa for their immigration physical! The doctor knows the power he holds over his patients and enjoys every time he gets to poke and prod a beautiful patient's body, regardless of her immigration status!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Jasmine Rose

Posted: Wed, 16 February 2022  Views: 2496

Series: Immigration Physicals

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