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That Was Doctor Who? - Nova Maverick - Part 2 of 2

With Behind The Scenes

Nova Maverick needs to go see her physician for her yearly physical, especially now that she is pregnant. Nova LOVES her doctors office has all female doctors! But to Nova’s surprise, shes greeted by a male doctor while she waits for what she thought was a female doctor. She made the appointment with his PA Stacy Shepard and just assumed a male physician must be filling in for her doctor.

But she thought this was an all female medical practice! Nova knows its the best ob/gyn in the area and they run a very professional office, so she decides not to question the out of the ordinary male doctor.

The doctor asks Nova to step down from the exam table and bend over for a sensory and vaginal exam. It feels a lot like a dick is inside her already pregnant pussy. It gets even strangers as the doctor instructs Nova to read letters off the eye chart while bent over the exam table! Was the doctor really performs on a gyno exam AND eye exam at the same time? How bizarre! 

Wait, whats going on?? Is that cum on her back?! And why does PA Stacy Shepard look mortified when returning to the exam room to say the doctor will be in shortly? Didn’t Nova just see the doctor? He said he would be right back with new clothing since he ruined Nova’s dress!

Nova will soon find out the mental patients down the road wear lime green scrubs, leaving Nova to ask “That Was Doctor Who?” Sorry Nova, looks the doctor still needs to perform your examination! Hopefully this time it will be the correct doctor, not another mental patient playing doctor!

Model: Doctor Maverick Williams, Nova Maverick, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Sun, 12 June 2022  Views: 4214

Series: That Was Doctor Who?