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Orgasm Research, Inc. - Lainey - Part 1 of 3

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Patient Monitor Camera

These are Lainey’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

If there is anything that Lainey is good at in life, it's procrastinating. As part of her “College Experience” class, she must participate in a research study or clinical trial. Having blown this requirement off all semester, Lainey had very little to choose from but knew she had to get a study done or risk failing her class!

So Lainey signed up for a nerve ending and stimulation study, not knowing or caring what it was about, just that she would be able to complete it in time and pass her class!

Lainey waits in an exam room and busies herself with her cell phone, waiting for somebody to arrive. Before long, nurse Rose comes in. Skipping an introduction, she tells Lainey she will check her eyes and needs her to sit down. 

After briefly checking Lainey over, the nurse says she is going to put the tongue depressor into her mouth to continue the examination. But first, the nurse needs Lainey to remove all of her clothing. Lainey is shocked by this revelation and asks why she needs to remove all her clothing. "You're going to need to have to ask the doctor," the nurse replies. "I don't exactly know what he was doing."

Confused but knowing she needs to complete this study, Lainey complies and removes all her clothing. Now fully nude, the nurse asks her to put all of her belongings into a bucket before asking Lainey to step onto the scale for her height and weight. She tells her the doctor wants an exact measurement and to hold still.

Lainey tries to make small talk, fully nude, asking the nurse how she was doing today. Giving a curt response, the nurse informs her not to worry. The doctor is coming in soon. Moments after, the nurse says that the doctor arrives, carrying a camera. He asks the nurse what parts of the physical she’s completed before telling Lainey to have a seat on the table. 

Without so much as an introduction, he snaps on a pair of gloves, asking the nurse for a tongue depressor. Lainey, fully nude sitting on the exam table, can't help but wonder what kind of study she signed up for.

Doctor Tampa has Lainey say "Ahhhhhhhh" before checking her nystagmus eye function. He asks Lainey when her last physical was, asking if all the test results came back normal in her previous examination. The nurse puts on the cuff to take Lainey's B.P., as the doctor puts the stethoscope up to her chest, asking her to breathe in and out. 

The doctor continues the questions while examining Lainey before asking her to lean back on the table. The doctor presses the buttons on the table, making it lean back, putting her legs in the stirrups. The doctor presses another button, making the seat on the table drop out of the way. Now Lainey is full spread eagle and exposed.

Picking up the camera, Doctor Tampa begins taking a close-up video of her most intimate parts, saying he has to document her body for insurance purposes before starting the study.

Nurse Rose hands Doctor Tampa a plastic speculum, which further confuses Lainey about what she has signed up for. She begins to question what the medical staff is going to do. But they pay no attention to her and continue her examination while the doctor snaps on a 2nd pair of gloves. 

He asks when Lainey's last sexual contact was before asking her if she comes internally or externally. She answers but then questions why they need to know, as the doctor inserts the speculum into her vagina, disregarding her question.

After a brief inspection of Lainey's vagina, the doctor says that he thinks she will do nicely for the study. However, before continuing the research, they still need to do a little test to ensure that their patient has sufficient Kegel muscles for the study.

Telling Lainey to relax, the doctor inserts the Need probe inside of her, asking her if it's inside of her comfortably. He instructs her to bear down with her Kegel muscles so he can see the range of motion the probe has. Inspecting how much she can make it move, the doctor comments it's not the best, but it will be good enough to conduct the study. 

Before they can begin the study, he uses a bio-feedback probe to quantify her kegel muscle power with an actual number. The nurse inserts the probe inside of Lainey as the doctor takes his place at the side of the table. He turns the device on, and the probe inflates inside of Lainey. 

The doctor shows her how to read the device's screen so they can quantify her muscles through a set of Kegel exercises. After running the series of exercises, the doctor tells Lainey he wants her to use her Kegel muscles to push the  bio-feedback probe out of her vagina.

Lainey quickly pushes the device out, and the doctor is sufficiently happy with the results, telling the nurse she is going to make a good subject for their research. The doctor presses a button, and the seat returns under Lainey's rear end before pressing another switch, lowering the table back down. The medical team helps get hers off the table in preparation for taking her into the research laboratory.

They open the door to the research laboratory, which is conveniently located right off the exam room. The doctor instructs Lainey to climb onto the intimidating surgical table before leaning back and putting her legs into the stirrup. He tells the nurse to make sure she securely restrains their patient's legs. "Is that really necessary?" Lainey chimes in. 

"Yes, it is," says the doctor, "We need to make sure you're not going to kick somebody in the head during the testing. It would be a huge liability to their insurance if you were to injure one of yourself or us."

Now that the patient has been spread eagle and strapped down, the nurse wires her up to the patient monitor so they can keep an eye on her vital signs during the stimulation testing. As the nurse attaches the leads to Lainey, the doctor moves in between her legs, snapping on two pairs of gloves.

He wheels over a cart full of various probes and instruments, and Lainey can only look on nervously, wondering what is in store for her body today, as the doctor lubricates one of the devices.

The doctor lubricates the probe, preparing to slide it into Lainey. At the same time, the nurse finishes putting the patient monitor leads on to her. With the probe now inside of Lainey, the doctor has her bear down and relax multiple times, helping to further gauge her Kegel muscle power. 

Doctor Tampa repeats this test with two other slightly larger probes. The patient monitor dings, indicating Lainey's heart rate has substantially increased. 

She is obviously nervous, still not fully understanding what is going on, but continuing to comply with the requests of the medical staff. The doctor has her do some breathing exercises, helping her calm down while letting her heart rate drop back into a more normal range.

Doctor Tampa prepares an electrical stimulation probe, coating it in conductive electro gel. He tells Lainey to relax because it will be cold as he slides the probe inside of her. He turns it up slowly, asking how it's making her feel. "It's bearable," she replies, as the nurse tells her to continue to breathe steadily. 

“AHHHHHHH,” screams Lainey in pain,  as the doctor says he can feel her muscles contracting. He turns it down to a level she indicates is more bearable while informing her the machine is just Gathering some data.

“My lips are starting to tingle,” replies Lainey, referring to her actual lips, not her vaginal lips. The doctor continues to manipulate the settings until the device tells him that it's completed its process.

“What was that,” asks Lainey. "This is just a pelvic probe. It uses electricity to stimulate your vagina and embedded sensors that are taking readings of your vagina and how it's reacting to the stimulation that's going on. We're just trying to find a level of suitable stimulation.”

The doctor dons a fresh pair of gloves before opening another pack of instruments. Inserting a ball into her vagina, the doctor presses it around in different areas, asking her how it feels as he moves it around. Lainey lets out a cry of pain as the doctor comments that she has a tiny vagina. The doctor asks her how the rolling effect of the ball against the G spot feels.

Model: Doctor Tampa, Lainey, Nurse Lilith Rose

Posted: Fri, 14 August 2020  Views: 6821

Series: Orgasm Research, Inc.

Orgasm Research, Inc. - Lainey - Part 1 of 3

Orgasm Research, Inc. - Lainey - Part 1 of 3

Model: Doctor Tampa, Lainey, Nurse Lilith Rose
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