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Tampa University Sophomore Physical - Channy Crossfire - Part 2 of 4

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Cervical Camera

1st In The New “Tampa University Sophomore Physical Series” Where Students Return A Year Later For Their Sophmore Student Physical!

Channy can’t believe how time flew and that it’s almost been a whole year since she began her studies at Tampa University! Channy’s excited to no longer be a freshman! But she knows this means having to go back to see Doctor Tampa for another physical. She dreads this but knows her sophomore student physical must be done if she wants to return to class in the fall.

Channy wishes she could see a doctor of her own choosing, but the university does not allow this. So begrudgingly, she books the appointment hoping the sophomore physicals aren’t as extensive as the freshman physicals. But Channy’s already anticipating much of the same humiliating examinations as last year. She was embarrassed to get naked to let Doctor Tampa and Nurse Nyx examine her entire body!

Channy shook her head, having a flashback to how they made her do exercises completely naked. Channy was especially humiliated when they made her cum! The audacity of them claiming it was to collect a secretion sample for testing had festered in Channy’s mind over the past year. What kind of BS did they think a smarter and wiser to the world sophomore would put up with?

Channy sighed, realizing it probably wouldn’t be any different. She rationalized that no matter what happens to her at Doctor Tampa’s gloved hands, at least she's getting free healthcare for all the money it costs to attend Tampa University!

When Channy arrives at the university’s medical center, she's happy to be greeted by a very cute PA Stacy Shepard. Channy can’t help but admire the new PA, thinking how cute Stacy must be out of her scrubs! Channy only hopes that PA Shepard will be grabbing her breasts at the same time Doctor Tampa begins to grope her naked body during another questionable Tampa University physical.

“Oh well, suck it up, Channy. At least you’re fortunate enough to be attending Tampa University!” is all Channy can think as she begins to disrobe in front of PA Shepard while they wait for Doctor Tampa to arrive…

Model: Channy Crossfire, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Sun, 20 February 2022  Views: 1108

Series: Tampa University Sophomore Physicals