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Orgasm Research, Inc. - Brittany Rivers - Part 4 of 4

With Close-Ups + Patient Monitor Camera + Behind The Scenes

These are Brittany River’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Brittany Rivers saw a flier looking for paid volunteers to sign up and be used as guinea pigs in Doctor Polka and Doctor Aria Nicole’s research! She shows up to undergo an initial physical to assess her health. Doctor Aria Nicole and Doctor Polka enter the room to begin. Just by looking at her they know...she's going to be the one guinea pig they do it all too! Brittany will be an excellent candidate with her tight little body and perfect breasts.

Brittany has no idea what's in store for her. This little human guinea pig is about to be stripped, touched, and humiliated by Doctor Tampa’s kinky employees.

Brittany cooperates but is skeptical and extremely shy, she's never been touched like this before!! Shy but having a desire to get her paycheck she obeys her nurses and spreads her legs. Doctor Polka and Doctor Aria Nicole now begin their experiment.

Watch the powerless Brittany Rivers get orgasms from Doctor Aria Nicole and Doctor Polka as Doctor Aria Nicole watches in arousal while recording Brittany’s reactions to the stimulation!

Model: Brittany Rivers, Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Polka, Cameraman/Officer Paparazzi

Posted: Wed, 25 January 2023  Views: 2979

Series: Orgasm Research, Inc.