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The Dirty Dermatologists - Stacy Shepard - Part 1 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Ups and Behind The Scenes

These are Stacy Shepard's 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast!

This movie was inspired by a real-life dermatologist visit about 10 years ago. Doctor Tampa went in to get a mole removed and both of the naughty nurses wanted to know if there were any other moles hidden by his pants! He enjoyed those dirty dermatologists & hopes you enjoy his “Dirty Dermatologists"!

Stacy Shepard has come to Doctor Jasmine Rose’s dermatology office today to look at one of her moles. Nurse Raven Rogue comes in to conduct the preliminaries before Doctor Rose arrives.

Slowly this perverted pair discovers more moles that need to be looked at, eventually getting Stacy completely nude! Before Stacy knows what's happening, she's on her hands and knees as the doctor is closely inspecting her pretty pink pussy with a magnifying lamp!

Stacy’s over-the-top dermatology appointment ends with a foot exam as well as a balance test. Why would they do this at a dermatology appointment? Well, maybe, just maybe, Doctor Rose likes her patients' feet?! Stacy doesn’t quite know what to think as she gets dressed. Like why did the doctor measure all of her moles while she was completely naked?

But that's what happens when you come to “The Dirty Dermatologists” office!

Model: Doctor Jasmine Rose, Nurse Raven Rogue, Stacy Shepard

Posted: Wed, 27 October 2021  Views: 2932

Series: The Dirty Dermatologists