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Why Can't I Orgasm Doc?- Taylor Raz - Part 1 of 2

*Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released December 2020

Taylor Raz and Rene Phoenix have a real deep love for each other, and since Rene hasn't been able to orgasm lately, they decide to pay Taylor's old doctor, Doctor Tampa, a visit. 

Doctor Tampa and Nurse Montgomery have Rene change into a gown as Taylor says everything will be fine. They start the exam with Rene's weight and height before conducting an eye exam. The doctor also checks Rene's thyroid glands and has a listen with his stethoscope before having her get onto the exam table. 

Once on the exam table, he asks Rene about monthly breast exams before getting down to business on her breasts. He examines her abdominal area before having her slide down to the end of the table, where her pelvic exam will begin! 

As the doctor prepares for the pelvic exam, Taylor and Rene offer suggestions on how the trip to the gyno could be better! While they're talking, the nurse slips a thermometer under Rene's tongue. The doctor double gloves and prepares the swabs and speculum as the girls whisper how cute the nurse is and how they like her a lot! 

The doctor has Rene slide to the end of the table, where he peels back the gown and performs an external exam of the genitalia, spreading around all of the layers. With a small amount of lubrication on his two fingers, the doctor inserts them inside of Rene as he performs the internal exam. After Doctor Tampa pulls his fingers out, he asks Taylor if she wants to insert the speculum into her partner. 

After opening her up, the doctor swabs her before saying the exam is concluded as Taylor talks about her last gyno exam with Doctor Tampa...but just as the doctor is finishing Rene's pelvic, he asks Taylor when her last examination was. She says it's been a while, and the doctor and nurse tell her she might as well get a checkup too! Taylor insists she doesn't need an exam, but the doctor and nurse insist she should have one and nail "two birds with one stone" before pulling out another gown and leaving so Taylor can change for her physical examination!

Taylor is ready but reluctant to be having an examination today. However, Taylor is on top of her game as she just watched what happened to Rene and is prepared to get it over and done with! Nurse Montgomery takes Taylor's height and weight as Taylor rushes to get her eye exam done while the doctor gets the instruments ready.

Taylor hops onto the exam table as Rene stands next to her and watches the doctor as he performs a breast and abdominal exam. The nurse hits on Taylor and flirts with her as the doctor uses his stethoscope to listen to Taylor's heart and lungs. Taylor reminds the doctor there will be a little surprise when he gets inside of her, as she has internal birth control.

The girls continue to make the nurse blush as they hit on each other, but Doctor Tampa makes Taylor blush as he sticks his fingers inside her for an internal exam. She's nervous in anticipation and just wants him to be in and out! However, the doctor takes his time inspecting his patient before he moves onto the lighted speculum.

Taylor hates this, and her facial expressions make this clear as she clutches her wifey pooh and stares in her eyes as the doctor continues doing his job! The girls also have a conversation about innie and outie vaginas as Taylor gets spladled by Doctor Tampa! The doctor performs a pap smear before letting Taylor know everything looks pink and good, so it's time to work on Rene's sexual dysfunction!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Carissa Montgomery, Rene Phoenix, Taylor Raz

Posted: Thu, 11 October 2018  Views: 3229

Series: Why Can't I Orgasm Doc?