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Do They Really Health Care About You? - Channy Crossfire - Part 3 of 4

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera

See what happens to Channy as her story continues on and in the sequel “Taken: By Your Government”!

Years ago, universal health care was rolled out to the masses to ensure the population remained healthy. At least that was the story for the most. It also served as a universal way to monitor the population. In search of physical and mental traits, the state found desirable for a plethora of reasons, including the falling birthrate.

Upon turning 18, all females and males are required to go to medical examination centers set up across the country for a comprehensive examination and physical assessment before being assigned a career path. These exams are not discussed except in the vaguest of terms, such as universal health care being a keystone to maintaining the population's overall health! Most 18 years old end up going willingly or with encouragement from family, friends, teachers, or their fellow peers. Those who don’t go willingly are supposedly picked up at random by a secret branch of law enforcement.

Channy doesn't know if those rumors are true, but she doesn’t want to find out. She arrives at the medical center and finds it a surprisingly pleasant environment! The staff is friendly, and Channy begins to let her guard down. Everybody is buzzing around, scanning their keycards to bring new patients to the back, looking happy as they do their job! 

But little do patients know from the moment they enter, they are being studied and assessed to see how they can be of the most use to the state. They are assessing each patient's beauty, intelligence, athletic ability in addition to their internal health. But during the examinations, the medical team also is looking for how they react to dominance, bondage, and signs of arousal with pleasure or pain.

Those selected by the doctors and nurses for their ideal traits won’t be going home once their examination is done. When they are taken for x-rays, they find themselves being bound to a gurney watching the lights go by while they’re wheeled through a tunnel from the medical examination center to a nondescript building nearby that houses hundreds of females and male subjects the government has taken for various reasons.

Looking around unable to do anything, the room full of nurses scrubbed and gloved in, eagerly awaiting their new arrival to hook up to patient monitors and train surgical lights on their naked bodies! Terrified, kicking, and screaming, they’re transferred onto a surgical table before having their wrists restrained and legs securely secured in the stirrups before a mask is placed over their face. It happens so quickly they don’t have time to comprehend their situation let alone think about what is going to be done to their unable body!

But those who don’t suffer this fate of being taken by the state are told they are in excellent health and allowed to go home! They may remain sore and shocked at the way their examination was conducted, even questioning if the use of restraints was necessary. But they rationalize it was because they went to cover their naked body. Even if they scream and fight during that time, they don’t dwell on it once they leave. Most just think it was a standard procedure that everyone goes through, not a test to see how they react to being controlled. So soon, it will just be a distant memory that fades into the back of their minds, unlike those who have been taken and will find a new life serving the government they thought was there to protect them!

Model: Channy Crossfire, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Fri, 28 January 2022  Views: 1876

Series: Do They Really Health Care About You?