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Step Daddy's Little Princess - Vasha Valentine - Part 2 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

These are Vasha Valentine’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Vasha Valentine's come to the big girl doctors to get her mandatory sports physical. Vasha's an A-Typical bratty step daddy's girl and has nothing but an attitude for the doctor and nurse who have to conduct her sports physical. But when the patients get bratty, the exam gets even more unnecessary!

Before Vasha knows what has happened, she's topless while Doctor Tampa and Nurse Sunny examine her breast...AT THE SAME TIME! She is so humiliated as she lays on the exam table, not allowed to have a gown and not allowed to put her clothing back on!

And it gets worse as the doctor slides her panties down her legs as Vasha powerlessly lays there. Her only way to fight back is by being an even bigger brat! Which makes the doctor and nurse do even more unnecessary tests as part of Vasha's sports physical!

It's a vicious cycle, and unfortunately for Vasha, Doctor Tampa and Nurse Sunny ALWAYS win in the end!

What's this brattius maximus going to do? Tell her step daddy how the doctor and nurse humiliated and embarrassed his daughter? Fat chance she'll want to relive this exam. The best thing she can do is forget about her sports physical. At least she passed! Or well, Vasha hopes she passed...

Vasha still can't believe they made her do exercises COMPLETELY NAKED!!!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Sunny Valentine, Vasha Valentine

Posted: Mon, 30 August 2021  Views: 3267

Series: Daddy's Little Princess