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Why Can't I Orgasm Doc?- Taylor Raz - Part 2 of 2

*Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released December 2020

With Behind The Scenes

Doctor Tampa and Nurse Montgomery escort Taylor Raz and Rene Phoenix into the stimulation room. The doctor prepares the tools with the nurse as the girls chat. The nurse starts playing with Rene when the girls ask if the doctor would leave so that they can have "girls only" time. Rene starts to get very stimulated, and once the doctor leaves, the real fun begins! 

Rene and Taylor start to make out as the nurse plays with Rene's vagina! Before you know it, the doctor returns with a little something extra to make the girl's time fun! The girls grab for their clothing, but it comes back off as soon as the doctor leaves! Taylor starts going down on her girlfriend as the nurse begins to do other things before commenting she is getting hot too! 

Things get hotter and heavier as the nurse sheds her clothing and joins this hot lesbian couple wearing their birthday suits! The toys and titties fly as all three girls keep switching, working on Rene's orgasm issue! Tongues, fingers, toys, 69's, and soooo much more hotness to describe! 

This clip is full of hot lesbian masturbation action in a medical setting! The girls even get the naked nurse on the exam table and spread it eagle style! Now that the tables had turned and the hot lesbian couple had fun with Nurse Montgomery on the table, Taylor is going to get her turn to hop on it!!

Watch as Nurse Montgomery and Rene Phoenix make Taylor squirm and orgasm as they have their way with her hot body! Lots of kissing, licking, and hot action! Taylor asks, do you think the doctor has cameras in here? Well, do you? After the girls are done having their fun, the nurse swears them to secrecy, and she takes them back to the exam room so they can get dressed and go have their own naughty fun at home! I'm pretty sure they cured Rene's orgasm problem!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Carissa Montgomery, Rene Phoenix, Taylor Raz

Posted: Thu, 11 October 2018  Views: 6921

Series: Why Can't I Orgasm Doc?