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Orgasm Research, Inc. - Aria Nicole - Part 5 of 6

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Patient Monitor Camera + Close-ups

These are Genesis’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Aria Nicole saw a flier looking for paid volunteers to sign up and be used as guinea pigs in Doctor Channy Crossfire and Doctor Tampa’s research! She shows up to undergo an initial physical to assess her health. Nurse Genesis and Doctor Channy Crossfire enter the room and begin and just by looking at her they know...she's going to be the one guinea pig they do it all too! They get more and more excited to share their findings with Doctor Tampa. Aria will be an excellent candidate with her tight little body and perfect breasts!

 After her initial assessment, they have her come back to begin their studies. Aria Nicole is shocked when they reveal that she will participate in orgasm research! Doctor Crossfire and Nurse Genesis are excited to start touching her and make her orgasm. After being strapped to the exam table, Doctor Tampa walks into the room to observe and record the day's experiments.

 Aria Nicole was NOT expecting a male doctor to jump in. Being the brat that she is, she gets Doctor Tampa to promise not to touch her…. which is exactly what they wanted her to say so the dirty doctor could go about documenting everything on video! Excited to make her little body quiver with delight from orgasms, Doctor Crossfire and Nurse Genesis begin their experiment.

Watch the powerless Aria Nicole get orgasms from Nurse Genesis and Doctor Crossfire as Doctor Tampa watches in arousal while recording Aria’s reactions to the stimulation!

Model: Aria Nicole, Doctor Channy Crossfire, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Genesis

Posted: Fri, 28 October 2022  Views: 4311

Series: Orgasm Research, Inc.