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The New Nurses Clinical Experience - Angelica Cruz, Lenna Lux, Reina - Part 3 of 6

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released June 2020

These are Reina’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

After a few grueling years of studying, these new nurses are ready to step into the exam room and gain some clinical experience! 

But no medical student is ready to go from practicing on mannequins to examining real patients, even if they are standardized patients! So at Tampa University, Doctor Tampa makes the new nurses practice on each other!

Step into the exam room and watch as these student nurses practice their examination skills on each other! Angelica Cruz, Lenna Lux, and Reina are in for an exciting day under the watchful eyes of Doctor Tampa and Nurse Lilith Rose!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Angelica Cruz, Nurse Lenna Lux, Nurse Lilith Rose, Nurse Reina

Posted: Fri, 4 October 2019  Views: 2790

Series: The New Nurses Clinical Experience