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The Doctors New Scrubs - Giggles - Part 1 of 1

With Behind The Scenes

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All-Female Cast!

This movie is based on the old folktale “The Emperor's New Clothes” but reimagined in a modern-day medical setting.

Doctor Aria Nicole is regarded as one of the best doctors in Tampa! Not just beautiful, but also intelligent! Patients are impressed to find out Doctor Nicole has a high IQ. That high IQ helped her over many years of studying and training to become one of the most prominent doctors around!

However, Doctor Nicole had grown quite a head on her shoulders in gaining that title. While she was great at being a doctor, she was incredibly detached from reality when it didn't apply to medicine. Aria knew she was the best, and when a boutique scrub maker approached her, she was interested to hear how their scrubs were special and different from the rest, just like herself.

“What makes our scrubs different from all of the other weavers? Well, our scrubs are so magnificent that they are invisible to those who are foolish, stupid, or incompetent! Only the most intelligent people like yourself can see the magnificence which will radiate off of your body from our fabrics,” the swindler said. “ Each pair is custom made to order and hand-stitched by artisan weavers. Nobody else will have scrubs like yours! They are custom made and custom fitted! Plus, we only sell to the medical professionals who we know are worthy of such fine apparel and will appreciate the beauty of the materials we use!”

Hearing these words, Doctor Nicole could only imagine how envious her staff would be every day as she arrived at the office in her custom-made attire! Immediately, she ordered a pair for every day of the week, and the salesman took her measurements. He told Doctor Nicole that he would return in a month with “The Doctor’s New Scrubs” as it took a lot of time to hand stitch each pair.

Over the next few weeks, Doctor Nicole could only think about how fabulous she would look in her brand new scrubs! All she talked about to her employees were these beautiful, exclusive, custom scrubs she had ordered and how fabulous she would look examining patients in them!

Finally, the day came that the salesman returned to Doctor Nicole’s office with “The Doctor’s New Scrubs”. Opening the box, the salesman asked, “What do you think”? Stammering, Doctor Nicole said, “They, they, they’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

The salesman was excited to hear Doctor Nicole’s reaction! “Try them on and see how they fit as there are no refunds once you accept delivery since it's a custom order,” he continued. Stepping into her private bathroom, Doctor Nicole removed her assembly line-made scrubs and put on her new pair of custom-made scrubs! Looking in the mirror, all she could think was they fit perfectly and looked so beautiful! Very form-fitting, they accented every part of her body! 

Walking back out, the salesman begins to praise Doctor Nicole for how beautiful she looked in the scrubs! Satisfied his job was done, he asked her to sign the receipt before he left her office.

Feeling sexy and confident in her purchase, Doctor Aria Nicole was ready to face the office and her first patient of the day! To the average observer, Doctor Nicole appeared completely naked. But to her staff, who had spent a month hearing about these new scrubs and how only the foolish, stupid, or incompetent can't see them, none of them wanted to admit to the doctor that she was walking around completely naked!

But Doctor Nicole’s first patient of the day, Giggles, didn't know this information before she arrived for her appointment. And when Doctor Nicole walks into the exam room to begin Giggles's examination, Giggles begins to question Doctor Nicole as to why the doctor is completely nude,

As the doctor begins her examination, Giggles isn't sure what is going on or if this doctor is playing some kind of psychological game with her. Giggles doesn't accept the doctor's explanation that only the foolish can't see the scrubs and continues to insist that the doctor is completely naked.

When Doctor Nicole eventually has Giggles remove her clothing, the doctor tells Giggles that there is now finally a naked person in the room and that Giggles must be foolish for not seeing “The Doctor's New Scrubs”.

Sure Doctor Aria Nicole may be the best in her field, but Giggles is wondering how that is possible, seeing as this doctor is completely naked aside from shoes and latex gloves. It's very disturbing getting an examination by a completely naked doctor who is insistent that they are wearing the finest scrubs in the world! This leaves Giggles wondering if she needs to find a new and even more competent doctor! Maybe one who isn't so foolish to think that the world's finest scrubs are covering her naked body!

But regardless of how our scrubs look or don’t look, Doctor Nicole struts around with all the confidence in the world, knowing she has purchased the finest scrubs in the world!

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Giggles

Posted: Fri, 9 September 2022  Views: 1825

Series: The Doctor's New Scrubs

The Doctors New Scrubs - Giggles - Part 1 of 1

The Doctors New Scrubs - Giggles - Part 1 of 1

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Giggles
Posted: Fri, 9 Sep 2022
Length: 27:56   Views: 16,432