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The Pre-Employment Physical: Sisters Edition - Angel Santana and Aria Nicole - Part 1 of 2

With Behind The Scenes

These are Aria Nicole's 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast!

See what happens to Aria Nicole & Angel Santana as these jobless orphan sisters get adopted out to Good Samaritan Health Labs in the sequel “Corporate Slaves” on and 

Angel Santana and Aria Nicole are sisters that were never adopted. They are nosy and bratty sisters that refused to be separated and have stuck together through it all. They are about to graduate from school and need to start sustaining themselves by getting jobs. But to get jobs they need recent employment physicals which they don’t have and the group home doesn't have additional funds to support these extra medical expenses. So the home leader submitted a request for help from local clinics that provide these services for free for tax write-offs.

In response, Good Samaritan Health Labs has reached out to provide free medical services to their orphans aged 18-21 and invited the girls to have physicals there. But their charity work isn’t all the charity it seems. These “free physicals” are a guise to examine the orphans to see if Good Samaritan Health Labs wants to adopt them since recent changes to the law have made the age of being an adult to 21. The staff knows the state doesn’t have the budget to care for these 18-21-year-olds, let alone the resources to check on their well-being after they’ve been adopted!

Both girls were excited about the opportunity to be self-sustaining and had no qualms about going to the free clinic. The staff is friendly and everyone seems like they want what's best for the patients. Being the nosy and bratty sisters they are, the girls begin to snoop around the exam room while they wait. But as soon as they start to feel comfortable snooping, Doctor Stacy Shepard comes into the room and greets them. 

As the appointment progresses they realize that this is a lot more thorough an exam than they were expecting. The sisters are both virgins who have never had sex and never seen each other nude so they were not expecting to be nude in front of each other nor to be examined in the same room as each other! What could they expect out of free healthcare?

Model: Angel Santana, Aria Nicole, Doctor Stacy Shepard

Posted: Mon, 25 July 2022  Views: 3207

Series: The Pre Employment Physical