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The Procedure - Blaire Celeste - Part 2 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

These are Blaire Celeste’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Blaire Celeste has been spread open with various speculums filling her tight pussy for some time now. She thinks the exam is approaching the end, however, Doctor Tampa pulls out a Hitachi wand and starts using it on her! Even though she's embarrassed and humiliated, she can’t help but let go a little…What a wild procedure!

This movie is a custom-written and directed movie by a director who wished to remain anonymous. Thank you from our clinic’s entire staff to our anonymous director for choosing our clinic to fulfill your personal medical fetish movie fantasy!

Director Notes:

Cameras: Filmed from 3 fixed cameras with 1 of them as a pelvic close up camera broadcasting to TV

Exam Room: A, black surgical table

Models Wardrobe: Button down shirt (white ideally), dark skirt, tights, matching shoes

Doctor Wardrobe: Light blue scrubs, scrub cap, white lab coat

Surgical table positioning: Table tilted slightly back, back rest sitting level with ground - USE SURGICAL DRAPE WITH PROCEDURE CUT OUT

It would be a scene where Jasmine is in for a procedure on her work break, dressed in a shirt, dark skirt and stockings and heels.

She is told the treatment is quick and she doesn't have to get fully undressed.

She is asked to remove her underwear and shoes, and unbutton her shirt.

She is given a blue bouffant cap to wear and helped onto the surgical table.

Her shirt is opened and monitor pads attached.

Her skirt is lifted up and legs placed in the stirrups.

An external pelvic rinse is performed.

A drape with cut out is applied.

A plastic speculum is inserted and an internal rinse with suction is performed.

A Guttman (weighted speculum if guttman doesn’t fit) is then inserted for the cervical biopsy.

The procedure is completed followed by another internal rinse/suction with speculum inserted

With a different speculum (preferably weighted) a vaginal wall biopsy is taken followed by internal rinse.

If time allows, a test with the hitachi is performed with plastic speculum inserted.

The weighted speculum is removed.

She is then helped off the table and redresses.

Directors Review:

You did nail it!

The only thing is the heart monitor could be a little quieter but that’s no big issue.

I’d definitely order another custom in future, maybe a more surgical scenario!

Model: Blaire Celeste, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Sun, 28 August 2022  Views: 4038

Series: The Procedure

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The Procedure - Blaire Celeste - Part 1 of 2

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The Procedure - Blaire Celeste - Part 2 of 2

The Procedure - Blaire Celeste - Part 2 of 2

Model: Blaire Celeste, Doctor Tampa
Posted: Sun, 28 Aug 2022
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