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The Doctor's Olympic Failure - Kalani Luana - Part 1 of 2

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

#SocialAwarenessPorn - This movie is based on Larry Nassar and his inappropriate "treatments" of 250+ female Olympic athletes and USA Gymnasts as far back as 1992. His mistreatments were reported in the 1990s but dismissed by coaches and others in the position of power to do something until 2015. He claimed to be practicing osteopathic medicine but didn't give informed consent to the parents of patients. Additionally, no chaperon was present, he didn't use gloves and gave patients treats after his "treatments". Hopefully, in the future, people will take accusations of mistreatment more seriously and investigate sooner than decades later.

Ever since Kalani Luana was little, she wanted to be in the Olympics! With hard work and a lifetime of dedication, she has made it to the Olympic gymnast team! But this didn't come without great sacrifice to her body. Recently she has been experiencing lower back pain with a constant popping of her lower back.

Kalani's coach scheduled her an appointment to see the team's official doctor. Nervously waiting to see the doctor, Kalani looks around the exam room, opening drawers and checking everything out. Finally, the doctor comes in and introduces himself.

After Kalani explains her back issue, he performs the exam's basics before having her move her bottom and underwear. Kalani's confused but doesn't ask the doctor questions since she assumes he knows what he's doing. After putting her onto the exam table, the doctor manipulates her legs around as he uses his other hand to feel her joints.

The doctor explains that he practices Osteopathic medicine as he slides his fingers into Kalani, manipulating and massaging her tense back muscles thru her pelvic region. Kalani isn't sure what to think, but if the doctor says he needs to put a finger inside her vagina to help alleviate the pain, he must need to do it! 

Especially without a nurse or chaperon present! That thought is short-lived as he explains that he is going to pop her hip back into place. One, two, THREE!!!

Kalani certainly feels better after the doctor's special treatment! He gives her a treat, explaining she will need to come in every week for additional treatments since this can only be treated, not cured.

Before leaving Kalani, the doctor asks her if she won't wear any underwear next time. He explains the exam takes longer since she has to undress and her panties only interfere with treatment. She hesitantly agrees, and the doctor leaves her so she can dress.

She can't help but wonder if it will be this same treatment every time. But she'll only have to wait another week to find out as she comes back for her follow-up appointment!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Kalani Luana

Posted: Mon, 2 August 2021  Views: 1321

Series: The Doctor's Olympic Failure

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The Doctor's Olympic Failure - Kalani Luana - Part 1 of 2

Model: Doctor Tampa, Kalani Luana
Posted: Mon, 2 Aug 2021
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