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How Much Can Channys Holes Handle? - Channy Crossfire - Part 1 of 4

This movie is a custom-written and directed movie by our director Mr. J.W.

With Pelvic Close-Up Camera + Behind The Scenes

One of Doctor Tampa’s investors, Mr. J.W., asked if Doctor Tampa would be able to conduct a special research project he had in mind. He explained to Doctor Tampa he would be willing to fund a research project if it could be conducted as follow:


Part 1 - Set: On the couch

Wardrobe: Channy, nude - Nurse Stacy Shepard, scrubs - Doctor Tampa, scrubs & lab coat

Summary: Ask about Channy’s health. Then ask if she would be willing to participate in a research study funded by an investor friend. Explain it’s about testing deep throat abilities, and the main goal is to locate and show off Channy’s cervix. Tell Channy she will be made to have a butt plug in for the duration of the study and show it off to Channy. Let her see and feel it.


Part 2 - Set: Exam Room A

Summary: Channy is strapped to the surgical table, arm restrained above head, table angled up, so she isn’t lying flat. Preferably the nurse inserts the plug into her missionary style as Channy talks about how it feels while it's happening. Do a quick pelvic exam without speculum before having Channy stand with arms above head, beginning the deep throat test with an ungloved hand. After around 10 minutes of deep throat testing, we move on to the speculum exam, where you struggle to find her cervix with the illuminated speculum. FINALLY, when Chann’y cervix is located, you show it off to Channy on the 40” tv using the camera. The expandable plug isn’t adjustable as to how open it is, but the search will involve seeing if you can feel it thru her vagina! All this time, the doctor and the nurse are casually chatting while searching for her cervix. You can leave gloves, speculum, and lube packs on her at times, as we have done in past movies.


Part 3 - Set: Couch

Summary: Chat about the scene. How was the filming?  How was the idea?  Anything else you want to chat about. Current events, life, the universe, and everything! Channy shows off the plug one last time if she's not already showing it off, saying thank you for funding the custom research project while making heart shapes and blowing me a kiss before the video fades out.


Part 4 - Set: Exam Room A

Summary: Behind the scene, fades back in, Channy wipes herself off, and gets dressed (no panties, bra OK) before saying bye and leaving but still has the plug in her butt.

Model: Channy Crossfire, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Stacy Shepard

Posted: Mon, 11 April 2022  Views: 3072

Series: Human Guinea Pigs