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The Perverted Podiatrist - Aria Nicole - Part 2 of 2

With Behind The Scenes

These are Aria Nicole’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

All-Female Cast!

For as long as she could remember, Doctor Raven Rogue loved feet with a passion! Her lovers and friends all knew she was an absolute foot fetishist. And Raven knew it herself! The older she got, the more she loved to stick feet and toes in her mouth! She would find any excuse to do so to any unsuspecting person, and because Raven was hot, she got away with her toe-sucking ways!

After she graduated from school, she already knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. There was only one thing she could think of doing for a job, and that was to become a podiatrist! All she envisioned was an endless supply of feet to look at, touch, examine, and play with! All the while, making a handsome salary saving people's lives and feet!

Aria’s friends knew her secret, but her patients would have no idea she was an out-of-control foot pervert longing for their toes in her mouth! Long before she ever became a doctor, Aria had mastered disarming people and acting professionally even when she was anything but! So once she became a podiatrist, she already had a slew of reasons to explain to the patient why she was doing something that seemed over-the-top! Plus, Doctor Nicole had become known for her advanced skills in podiatry and had won awards! 

Aria Nicole came in for an examination because of foot pain in her pinky toe. Doctor Raven Rogue glimpsed at her feet and knew that very second that Aria was just her type. Doctor Rogue took every opportunity she could to look, touch, and examine Aria’s feet! Aria had heard Doctor Rogue was unconventional but that's what makes her the best podiatrist and an even better closet FREAK!

Having Aria lay back on the exam table, Doctor Rogue inserts her patient’s toe into her mouth before removing it. Doctor Rogue asks if Aria could tell the difference in temperature before asking Aria to close her eyes while Doctor Rogue repeats the “test”. “Perfect, she didn’t suspect a thing,” was all Doctor Rogue Could think!

Aria had no idea what was going on! Doctor Raven Rogue doesn’t like to push her luck with the 1st appointment but already knows Aria will need multiple follow-up appointments after her initial consultation today. Doctor Rogue concludes the appointment with two of her favorite “punishment” devices. Her furry tickler…and violet wand! Aria can’t fight the urge and tries to hold in her laughs but Doctor Rogue knows she's about to break. Finally, Aria breaks and begins crying from how ticklish her feet are!

Aria is really taken aback and shocked when Doctor Rogue pulls out a violet wand to use on Aria’s feet as part of a sensitivity test. The dirty doctor has an excuse for every strange and weird thing she does to her patient's feet! The patients, being disarmed by the doctor's charm, let her do these strange things without question, or at least with minimal questions or concern that something is afoot!

If Aria only knew “The Pervert Podiatrist” disguised as a doctor, she would find a new non-perverted podiatrist! But then again, how do you ever know which doctor genuinely wants to help you and which doctor just wants to stick your feet all up in their face and go to town? At least with Doctor Rogue, she wants to genuinely help you…while helping herself to your tasty tootsies!

Model: Aria Nicole, Doctor Raven Rogue

Posted: Wed, 7 September 2022  Views: 2051

Series: The Perverted Podiatrist

The Perverted Podiatrist - Aria Nicole - Part 1 of 2

The Perverted Podiatrist - Aria Nicole - Part 1 of 2

Model: Aria Nicole, Doctor Raven Rogue
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The Perverted Podiatrist - Aria Nicole - Part 2 of 2

The Perverted Podiatrist - Aria Nicole - Part 2 of 2

Model: Aria Nicole, Doctor Raven Rogue
Posted: Wed, 7 Sep 2022
Length: 28:49   Views: 18,462