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Bratty Orphan Cheerleader's Physical - Blaire Celeste - Part 1 of 2

With Behind The Scenes

These Are Blaire Celeste’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

See what happens to Blaire Celeste as she gets adopted out to Good Samaritan Health Labs in the sequel “Corporate Slaves” on and!

Blaire Celeste is a bratty orphan 18-Year-Old girl who thinks she rules all territory around her. She’s queen Bee whether at school or the group home. Today, she has been brought in for her required cheerleading physical. As long as she's cleared, she can once more claim her rightful spot as Captain.

Being an orphan means she can’t pick which healthcare facilities she uses. She uses whoever is willing to see the group home girls pro bono. Blaire arrives for her physical at Good Samaritan Health Laboratories, which has generously donated the resources to conduct sports physicals for those in the group homes.

Little does Blaire know that Doctor Tampa and P.A. Stacy Shepard love examining all these hot athletic bodies. They also use it as a chance to scout potential new subjects for Good Samaritan Health Laboratories to adopt now that they've turned 18. Doctor Tampa knows that these girls have nowhere else to turn to get their sports physicals done. If they don't cooperate during the exam and let him have his way, he will find a way to keep them from what they love most and in Blaire's case, it's to keep her from cheerleading.

Ultimately, despite the unnecessary and humiliating examination, Blaire obliges. She realizes it could cost her the ability to cheer this coming season and that's her getaway ticket for fun. She also let it slip that she is a virgin, which is one of the trademark qualities Doctor Tampa looks for in his perverted studies!

Doctor Tampa and P.A. Stacy Shepard have alternative plans for Blaire's cheer season once they pass her. This is the opportunity to have Good Samaritan Health Labs adopt her and make Blaire another of their specimens. But you'll have to check out Captive Clinic to see what ultimately happens to Blaire once this "Bratty Orphan's Cheerleading Physical'' has concluded!

Blaire impatiently waits for the doctor and is greeted by P.A Stacy Shepard for triage. Before the nurse can begin, the very eager Doctor Tampa comes in and watches Blaire get undressed. As she undresses, both Stacy and Doctor Tampa only think of the perverted things they’ll do with her. After the initial triage, it only gets more hands-on from there. Starting with her breast exam by both practitioners at the same time. 

Model: Blaire Celeste, Doctor Tampa, PA Stacy Shepard

Posted: Fri, 20 May 2022  Views: 1257

Series: Bratty Orphan Cheerleader's Physical