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Kendra Lee's Yearly Physical - Part 1 of 1

Re-Edited, Re-Mastered, Re-Released December 2020

Now With Behind The Scene

This movie is one of the original GirlsGoneGyno movies and started the “Yearly Physical” series!

Kendra Lee has come to the Girls Gone Gyno Clinic today because she's having a little problem, and she hasn't been to the doctors for a routine examination in years. She's in good hands with Doctor Tampa as her new doctor. 

Doctor Tampa shows her to the exam room and tells her to remove everything and change into the gown. Kendra Lee asks if Doctor Tampa means everything...and he tells her he does! He will perform a complete examination of her since she is a first-time patient who is putting her body under his care. Before sitting on the exam table, Kendra Lee changes to wait for Doctor Tampa's return.

Doctor Tampa returns and formally introduces himself to Kendra Lee. He asks her why she is at the clinic today. She confesses it's been a long time since she has been to the doctor but has this problem she needs Doctor Tampa to look at. Doctor Tampa asks Kendra Lee what her problem is, and she tells him she has been having issues with her cum! Kendra Lee says it hasn't been cumming as much as she would like it to! Doctor Tampa tells her that he will do a complete physical examination and check to see if anything is abnormal. Doctor Tampa has Kendra Lee sit in the chair to get her B. pressure and review her medical history and sexual history.

Doctor Tampa has Kendra Lee stand and read the 8th line of the eye chart so he can check her vision, but Kendra severely misreads what the eye chart says! Doctor Tampa notes that she does not have glasses or contacts but then realizes what Kendra Lee was trying to say! He laughs and tells her to please read it correctly, and she nails it!

Next up is the part every patient hates the most! Doctor Tampa gets Kendra Lee's weight and height before having her face the eye chart again and feeling her glands and lymph nodes. Doctor Tampa then instructs Kendra Lee to sit and lay back onto the exam table, so he checks her giant tits! Wait, I think he meant breasts! Kendra Lee has got Doctor Tampa thinking dirty now!

He thoroughly checks both of her large breasts before squeezing her nipple, checking for discharge. Doctor Tampa then checks Kendra Lee's abdomen before instructing her to sit up. He grabs his stethoscope for a listen to her heart and lungs. Doctor Tampa takes Kendra Lee's temperature, checks her eyes, and has her say "AGHHH" before asking her if she wants to be all the way back or sitting up, watching the doctor work! Kendra Lee tells Doctor Tampa she trusts him!

Doctor Tampa double gloves while talking to Kendra Lee about her lack of orgasm. She even starts to play with her clit while she's lying there, awaiting the doctor's touch! Kendra Lee can't help but notice the washcloths and bottle of water on the instrument tray! Doctor Tampa is going to give her a quick rinse before he thoroughly examines her pelvic area!

After the external examination, Doctor Tampa does an internal manual examination, palpitating Kendra Lee's internal organs. He dons a fresh pair of gloves and begins an internal examination with a light plastic speculum! But wait! Kendra Lee has contraceptive sponges inside of her!

Doctor Tampa pulls out the speculum before instructing Kendra Lee to hop off the table and remove the sponge. He puts on a fresh pair of gloves before having Kendra Lee get off the table a SECOND time to remove the last of the contraceptive sponges! The third time's the charm, as Doctor Tampa can finally perform a lighted internal exam and get a pap smear!

Doctor Tampa re-gloves again and tells Kendra Lee he will put his finger inside of her and wants her to bear down on his finger so he can check the strength of her Kegel Muscles.

Doctor Tampa inserts his finger in and out a couple of times and asks Kendra Lee how it feels, and she tells him it feels good. Doctor Tampa has Kendra Lee bear down on his finger a few times. With his fingers sitting idly by inside of Kendra’s vagina, she talks to her about Kegel exercises. Doctor Tampa tells Kendra Lee to go ahead and get dressed. He reminds her to work on the exercises and come back for a follow-up in a month!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Kendra Lee

Posted: Thu, 4 October 2018  Views: 1964

Series: Yearly Physicals

Kendra Lee

Kendra Lee's Yearly Physical - Part 1 of 1

Model: Doctor Tampa, Kendra Lee
Posted: Thu, 4 Oct 2018
Length: 30:03   Views: 17,684